Monday, September 14, 2009

Olay White Radiance UV Whitening Lotion

Since when does Olay carry whitening line? Olay never does that in US anyway but in China 80-90% of daily skincare products (This is one of them) in the market claim to have some sort of whitening properties as the majority of the east Asian culture consider smooth, fair skin pretty.

Just think about it, all the "high-tech" skin care in US that claim to fight "aging" while all they do is use filler onto your skin and give it an illusion of becoming smooth, do you really think they "work"? Well, the answer would be yes and no. That's how whitening "works" in Asia.

Anyway, the main reason I want this Olay is that I want some cheap moisturizer and my mom said that she likes Olay quite a bit (Have I mentioned I have tried 3-4 products from the US version of Olay and they stings like nobodies business). Anyway, mom managed to get me some from Sasa in Hong Kong, and I believe that all of the Olay stock available in South Asia (Hong Kong is pretty southern) is made in Thailand.

Anyway, the lotion has a faint powdery scent that I do like and a consistent of...a lotion (duh), it's more fluid than the Clean & Clear morning glow moisturizer that I use all the time but it's clearly less fluid like than those Japanese type of sunscreen. The soft lotion get absorbed fairly quickly and doesn't feel heavy on my face. As of the whitening properties, it's quite obvious and immediate...Don't worry, there is no bleach or anything that feel harsh.

What actually whitens, is some very fine mica and a white base it has (along with the SPF 20 that helps preventing tan) . It literally "whitens" as I rub the lotion allover. While I don't find the white cast unnatural (as long as I rub really hard) it does get a bit tedious during summer that I need to spend a while to make sure my face kind of match the rest of my body. But why am I complaining anyway? The clean and clear moisturizer I love require much longer time or I will turn in to a glittery disco ball. Vampire or disco ball...most of you guys like the first one right?

P.S. Here are 2 Olay ads from 3 years ago that I actually saw on TV featuring actress Fan Bing Bing. Click picture to be directed to the youtube video.

P.P.S. For people who think that East Asian want pale skin to look "Caucasian", you guys seriously need to get a life. No offense Offense totally intended for all those ethnocentric folks reading this blog, white people are more pink than white and Chinese think that having Santa Claus' complexion is more "porky" than "pretty" .

All whiny pu...people out there, I tried to find a better adjective than "porky" to describe that kind of color ...Sorry, my vocabulary is too small to find the word so you either have to deal with it or click the "X" at the top right corner of your browser. Remember, nobody forces you to read this.


  1. I agree with you about why Asians use whitening products. I use whitening products and it's not because I want to be a white girl. Geez, some people out there sure are ethnocentric!

  2. Its so funny, I know the rest of the world are laughing at Asians on why we are so interested in Whitening products (i'm glad i"m not) and the Asians do not understand why the east wants to get tan!!! :)

  3. Ah I just did a blog post on a whitening item. I have been very curious on the olay whitening line! i hope to check it out when i go to hk soon. I am glad I saw this review first.

    No idea why everyone here wishes to be tan either...baffles me lol

  4. oo that's so true, there's not that much whitening products here too in aus, unless you go to asian cosmectic shops

  5. their ads are duper misleading, i keep a distance with olay products, they caused my skin's sensitiveness 3 years back and it was my very first moisturizer.

    i literally boycott'ed olay since then.

  6. Anonymous:
    The same things goes with double eyelid thing. It's a bit annoying sometime seeing those kind of "white comments" on blogs written by Chinese.

    I kind of think that a tan on white people makes their skin less "flushes pink/porky" and gives a nice glow. But since Asian have a strong yellow undertone so when it's a bit tanned, it looks sallow.

    Actually I also think that it's sort of enhances the features: like you can do it by drawing/intensifying the eyebrow/eyeliner but you can also do it by lighten the canvas.

    Actually the point of my post is that the thing does do a bit prevention and camouflage a bit but there is no long term effect on one person's skin tone.(That's a lot better than bleaching though)

    It's not that whitening stuff in Asia actually work anyway, the most they do is a
    1)gentle exfoliate that mildly get rid of the outer layer of epidermis.
    3)Light reflector

    Fan Bing Bing does have a very pale skin tone naturally and I doubt there is anything do with Olay...A few years back they even used half-white models and that was a bit funny.

    "Wow, your skin is so white!"
    I was thinking Duh! Her dad *is* white!

  7. How kind of you to say white people look "porky" you should watch what you say cause your sounding a little racist and stuck up, but i've read alot of your blog and it all sounds pretty stuck up.

  8. Anonymous No.2:
    I am glad you realized that I am very stuck up/racist and still kept reading my blog and have the energy to express your view, how forgiving is that! If I were you I will just quit reading all together :)

    I am not saying white people are "porky" as in weight , if you see what I wrote, I said having their skintone isn't desirable on Asian because of the abundance of pink tinge, "porky" seems to be the first/only word popped out when I though of that kind of color.

  9. well it doesn't take a lot of energy to type out a sentence, so it really was no skin off my back to sit here and write it, I like expressing my opinion. And porky, whether it refers to weight or skin tone still isn't a very kind adjective to use when describing a race/culture.

  10. Hi there:
    I am sorry I wasn't clear enough in my last reply, when I said "I would just leave" I meant "Since you dislike me (an incorrigible stuck-up) so much. It's really pointless to waste your precious time on a mediocre blog like mine and I would really appreciate if you just go on with your life i.e leave. I believe you deserve a better hobby than coming, repeatedly to a blog written by a stuck-up whom you dislike.

    I understand you are very opinionated and that's why I will continued to let you express your freedom of speech over here but it's getting increasingly distasteful for me just to waste time on you...I am sorry I will not keep up with your "opinions" any more. (Of course, it would not be difficult for me to block you from entering the site... but again, I don't want to further waste time on a person who isn't worthy of a nanosecond of mine. And no offense, I am just "opinionated". )

    P.S. Please keep in mind, being opinionated is one thing, calling other people racist anonymously, I believe, is totally different as you don't even have the gut to back your opinion up with a mere identity.

    This shall be the end of our conversation.


  11. umm only some white people have pinkish skin. Asians don't have white skin, they have a light yellow complexion, kind of like when someone is sick from eating the food in Chinatown.
    Most Asians aren't even pale at all. They use lighting, and even products to make it more white. but it will never be as white as the naturally Nordic white people. Their complexion is like solid white. There is not one Asian that has that complexion. Even chinese people call whites "ghosts". So..yeaH. lol


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