Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Garnier Fructis Conditioner

Garnier was another cheap shampoo I kept going back to after my beloved (old version of) Clairol shampoo and conditioner got discontinued.

It's not that good anyway, the formula of the conditioner is very thin (so you need to squeeze a lot each time) and their shampoo sort of makes my scalp itch (so I ended up having to wash my hair everyday) but it smells really nice though.

P.S. I cup (edit: cut) my middle finger while chopping tomato today...I guess there would no long posts for a short while?

P.P.S. Take a look at this cute mascara...Is it just me or this looks like tampon?


  1. Cup? Cut? [Confused.]
    And lol, it does look like a tampon to me...Using it would be fun if only to see people's reactions XD.

  2. It was "cut" (I had to suspend my middle left finger while typing because the cut is kind of deep,and "t" is on my left hand zone...)

    I made enough spelling error without a cut finger least now I have an excuse.

  3. hehehe the mascara looks cute though, but you're right it does look like a tampon :)

    I haven't been trying any Garnier hair products lately..I have to remind myself to do that :)

  4. The mascara looks like a tampon to me too. But I still think it's pretty :)

  5. O no! I hope your finger recovers soon!! Don't type too diligently... :]

  6. I don't like granier's conditioner or shampoo. the formula's just not that great like you said. I need to use a lot of conditioner and shampoo for it to even feel like i'm cleaning and conditioning my hair...

  7. Nikki:
    The only thing I really liked from garnier is their deep conditioner (in a tub) but it seems to be discontinued.

    I should actually make it sound much more serious so that I can get away with misspelling all the time...It stopped bleeding today though, now I can use my middle finger to shampoo...

    It's funny that their deep conditioner actually feels like normal conditioner...their normal ones are "aqueous solution of shampoo". I like the way it smells and it was like so I was like why not...


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