Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Devoted to Milani Nail Polish

Nope, I am not devoted to Milani at all, their packaging is so gaudy and the texture of the shadow is just so so (at least for me) but I kind of love their limited edition nail polishes and this one is called Devoted 2 U.

I picked up Devoted 2 U (From a spring limited edition) on a whim simply because I had to get something beside that Hello Kitty gray dupe Day Dreaming to take advantage of that buy one get one coupon. The rest of the collection (see my spy cam post?) are pretty boring, so I went with this.

From the close up of the actual bottle, Devoted 2 U is a shimmering deep purple with blue and red shimmer, it's so dark and inky that it actually looks black with dim light. And on my veiny feet (no close up hand photo here because I don't like how dark polish look on my hands, they make my tiny nail beds look even smaller) it looks a tad bit more navy. Another thing to mention is that this polish is actually quite chip resistant, all I needed to do was to add a clear top coat after a few days to renew the shine and it will looks perfect for a whole week.

I think this shade would be a perfect match for a pair of satin fuchsia peep toes Louboutin I have seen somewhere or I am just delusional...Anyway, I went to the official website and try to find out whether such beauty exists...(And do some window shopping of course...) I found out that:

This guy Christian Louboutin got the most random front page... ever...


  1. i only ever had 1 milani polish and never bought again because it just sucked =( the "purple" looks really black, even in the bottle it only looks purple because of the sun. Btw , i like how you take pics of your products, its really different :) but do you ever have issues with having things on the ground/grass?

  2. Ushishi:
    The two Milani nail colors from their permanent line both looks quite gaudy and the formula is pretty bad so I won't be buying any of those. The LE are (so far so) good though.

    I probabaly wouldn't want to use the ground/floor/carpet as a picture background. but the place where I take picture isn't quite what you call "ground", they are natural fossil that were cut and used along flowerbeds in my school. for all I know, people sit, have lunch or even sleep on it ( so why not as a picture background. Beside that, there are also different huge chunks of different rocks/mineral outside of our Geology school as well as benches made of granite...they make really nice back ground so I don't really worry about "catching swine flu" while taking picture on them, it's not that I can store my stuff on them anyway.

    I don't mind grasses either (not that I leave them there in my backyard...) as long as there is no bug and they are green enough. But I do prefer holding a brush against a flowerbed instead.

  3. Haha yes the packaging needs a face lift!

  4. Devoted 2 U on toes is PERFECT! made your feet even prettier :)

  5. That purple is gorgeous!! I think dark colors are so mysterious. haha. I want a dark blue though.

  6. Fuz:
    Yeah, especially now they are almost 5 bucks, far uglier than the 2 dollar wet n wild craze.

    If I have bigger nail bed, it might work at a manicure color though...But anyway, on my feet, it last for more than a week with no chipping!

    Wet n Wild nocturnal is a dark navy(2 bucks if you can find it.) but I think a dark blue that doesn't look so black would be even prettier. (They would even work well on hands.)

  7. That purple is beautiful! But I don't like the packaging either.


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