Friday, July 31, 2009

ELF (or e.l.f ?) eye shadow brush and tweezers

Just a few weeks ago, my local grocery store finally started to carry elf products, since I am not feeling for any of the makeup, I decided to take a look at their tools, as I still haven't got a nice dome shaped shadow brush.

The e.l.f professional eye shadow brush is arguably the most well rated elf product among the whole line. I can totally see why, the bristle is very soft and the head is tapered in a way that not only it's gentle to the eyelid, it also does a great job grabbing and dispensing the color. The handle isn't too hollow (like those plastic NYX brushes) and it doesn't chip like those Sonia Kashuk white handled brushes so it doesn't feel or look cheap. (Although the paint already got scratched off when I got it, but it was a dollar, who cares?)

Anyway, if you have 1 dollar plus tax to spare, give the shadow brush a try. (It's better if you can see the in store though, as there a a couple of them on display that looked improperly glued...If I were to buy it online, I bound to get the broken one, that's just my bad luck.)

Beside the brush, I also picked up a pair of tweezers as well because I remember reading it somewhere saying that these are quite decent. This particular pair doesn't look too cheap and it does remove stray hair ( provided that the hair is long and thick enough) but that's about it. For around 10% the price of a Tweezerman mini tweezers, I think these are nowhere near 10% of the quality. (It's hard to go back and settle for 2nd class when you are used to the superb one, especially they are pink and come with butterfly pattern)

I might use it holding cotton soaked with alcohol or picking scab...(Isn't just much more fun you pick your scab with dirty hands though?)


  1. i have read raves about that same ELF e/s brush you got! You girls can get it for a dollar, here, they sell it for approx $3.00 :)

  2. Nikki:
    $3 isn't bad actually(Maybe they need to ship it here first before heading Philippine?) ...I think this particular brush is a lot better than those $5 or above NYX or Sonia Kashuk one...


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