Thursday, July 16, 2009

Bath and Body Works Sensual Amber Hand Cream

I always though that Bath and Body Works is generally overrated: their scent smell quite cheap, there is nothing special about their formula yet a bottle of shampoo has a unite price 3x that of a drugstore shampoo.

But I am a fan of one of their scent: Sensual Amber though. I believe that they first came up with this scent back in fall 2006 and I loved the rich scent, there is nothing natural about it, but it smells nice and that's what it matters.

The hand cream has the same warm scent and thick texture I got this hand cream during their summer sale for 3 dollars. I think this is actually pretty neat for the price, the scent is probably too strong so I prefer to use it on my feet so it doesn't get to bother me all the time.)

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