Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Sally Hansen Natural Shine Lip Gloss in Clear Shimmer

This is the first real drugstore green lip gloss I've found (Unless you count that Bonnie Bell Rolly Lip Gloss that disappear within 5 minutes after application). There are actually quite a few blue/purple glosses around, they all make me look dead so green is my way to go when I want something wacky ...

Do you know that I loved their Carmindy sub-brand called Natural Beauty ? (Click here if you haven't seen my review for their lipsticks.)
The gloss is in a light golden green with a lot of' shimmer and comes with some nice natural ingredients like safflower oil, grapefruit extract yada yada yada... The artificial scent is exactly the same as their Lacquer Shine Lip Gloss, which has been getting on my nerve, but thank God this is not as sticky.

Since we all know green neutralizes red (you get pink) and pink plus yellow is peach...

This is actually turns out as a peachy gloss on me. And the finish is super glassy (I hate it!) that you can see the reflection of my big green bag in the bottom corner.

Attack of the sausages...

It's a great color but I personally don't like the glassy part or the somewhat strong scent (for your reference, DiorKiss, Juicy Tube in Sun Bronze, Daiquiri, Coral Rush, Icy Pop, Miracle, Bolole all make my gag so do Stila It Glosses and some of their lip glaze) .

But it should be easy for me to finish up this tube though, there is only 0.2oz/5.4g of product in it.

Or not, since I have only touched that lacquer shine gloss once...


  1. Hi there! Just wanted to let you know how much I loveee your reviews. They're very helpful! :) And as a lot of them are for drugstore brand products, if I ever see anything interesting, I can easily just go and pick up one myself!

  2. Hahaha I hate scents too but not as much as you! xD

  3. Hi Samanta:
    Thanks! For people who like a load of toys to play with, drugstore is the way to go, I wish I would commit to one or two lipsticks like my hunting cheap goodies is just so much more fun.



    Yeah,I am the easily pissed of kind...but some products smell really nice...

  4. Great looking gloss.. but i bet i wouldnt use it. I bought Benefit california kissing and used it 1x. I ended up throwing it in the bin after 3 years of staring at it thinking '$20 down the gutter'

  5. hahahahahahaha! attack of the sausages!


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