Sunday, June 21, 2009

10 things I hate about your blog

Beauty blogsphere is quite populated nowadays and I really just read very small percentage of it (not even that regularly) and there are several things which make me click the X on my browser when I see them on a blog. I will dish out mine (and would like to hear about yours).

Consider yourself warned, this is about to get ugly.

1. Music on a blog is like an ear r@pe. It's worse when the player hides itself so well that it takes 30 seconds to find it (and shut the shit down).

2. Personal life overload. You had your cherry popped , like I care.

3. Pouting is cute, on a 5 year old.

4. Blogs with mainly blurry pictures and try-so-hard-to-make-it-look big eyes and a quasi innocent look from a over-12-year-old...they make me barf.

5. Cam whoring. Am I supposed to be interested in pictures of women?

6. Excessive photo shopping Come on, if you think that your face is not presentable without the blurring, color correct and air-brush, why even bother posting it?

7.Quasi scientific remark like "this has light refracting properties so it illuminate and brightens your complexion" ... I thought you have to pass general science before getting your high school diploma.

8. Claims with no prove whatsoever. You think this, you think that...And you think I will take your points seriously?

9.If you plan to sell something on your blog for 5 bucks plus shipping, please make sure you didn't blog about it a week ago and "how you get it for a dollar a piece with free shipping".

10. Ads everywhere / overly commercialized blogs You know, it's a good thing that you are famous and everybody want you to review their stuff, but I just don't think it's fun anymore.

I can only think about 10 of them now, what about yours? I am pretty sure there is someone out there who hate my blog because of the typos, misspelling, my scatter brain-ness, PMS overload etc. If would like to unleash your fury and anger here, go ahead I don't (give a damn) mind.


  1. hahahah this is a very good post and bravo for being open honest! I do click the X on blogs with loud music because it scares the world out of my brains! I also do like blogs that are created just to join all types and kinds of contests and you see nothing else but "to win" that's a no no in my dictionary :)

  2. lol i have to agree with the first one. now every time i go to a blog i check for any music players first and pause the music xD

  3. Wow you're really brave. I agree with most of your comments. I think cam whoring is ok, it helps with FOTD etc but seriously 8 pictures of yourself. Biatches are taking up my bandwidth!

    Also the music is a pain but I solve it by muting my comp. It sucks when I forget it's turned on and then a blast of music (good or bad) starts blaring and gives me a fright.

    Holy crap blurry pics piss me off also. There's no point it putting up shitty quality photos, you can barely see what it is and it angers me more than a pictureless post.

    Yes over commericalised blogs turn me off. To me it's just another website with too many ads not a real person sitting just typing, writing about their opinions and experiences.

    Haha I can think of a particular blog and I swear in every damn post she talks about how guys are hitting on her and how it's inapproprate. Or how this creepy guy wouldn't stop looking at her or how people always insinuate how hot she is. No I'm not a jealous mo fo, I'm fairly happy with myself but it's annoying how they're always drawing attention to how attractive they are.

    Those things bug me but hey people are taking the time to write and put effort in to their blog so why say mean things and make their world a negative place. So I don't say anything, but sometimes it feels good to bitch and get things out :) Doesn't mean I don't still read those blogs though!

  4. Lol sorry that was me above, damn bf logging in to gmail on my laptop.

  5. I agree with you with most of the things you said. I dislike music on blogs too, it's a pain! Most of the time I don't even bother to look for the player, I just leave.

    I also dislike blogs with too many ads. It's obvious they're only blogging for the money so how am I supposed to belive what they say?

    As for cam whoring, it doesn't bother me on personal blogs, but on other types of blogs, it turns me off. It's not necessary and all those pix take ages to load!

  6. Nikki:
    I am not technically brave (if I am, I will probably give link to the accused blogs) , a jerk more like.

    I don't come across blog for competition only, because I think they also tend to be a cam-whore heavy one, so I leave before even know what the girl is really up to.


    It's worse when you already have your own music going on...
    Louis...I mean Jani:
    I have have accidentally entered a blog from a girl in my high school, like that (a personal blog) with something like "being beautiful..." and a butt load of photo shopped pictures .

    Tell you the truth, I found it rather amusing.

    Actually, if the girl is pleasing to the eyes, I wouldn't mind looking at 10 pictures of her (that all look the same) but most of the time...

    I wonder how many people I am going to piss off today...

  7. I pout :-P.
    And now I'm happy that my music player doesn't start automatically XD - will keep it that way ;).

    What annoys me in blogs...When things are spelled wrong >:-), [I really shouldn't be saying this but] ugly bloggers, and too many tags, personal pics etc. if the blog is defining itself as a beauty blog ;).
    And most people won't agree with these but whatever :-P.

  8. Oh, and forgot to mention this above...
    I loathe contests that require me to blog about them to enter :-/. I never enter these ;).

  9. Hah, ugly bloggers...I guess it's a right decision to not post any picture of me here...

    Anyway,I think this one is more of a eyes-of-a-beholder thing. Some bloggers looks nice, but I don't really consider much of them "beautiful". OK, I don't think anybody have breath taking beauty are actually blogging...(And actually some of them you consider super cute, I might just think that they are...Well, I remain neutral) It has a lot of things to do with cultural differnce and personal preference, so I don't bother with that.

    P.S. I think I misspell too many times to remember here...Back in the old days I managed to mispelled every single "pope" (pape) in to "dad" (papa) in my French drove our teacher nuts...

  10. My pet peeve would be the unnecessary blog music. Totally cannot stand it. Argh.. even worse if the music was some Korean teen bopper pop music. No offence to Koreans (I love HowL btw) but some of these songs have really annoying hooks.

    Other stuff don't offend me much. I like photos. And I like it when ppl PS their photos. Basically, they're taking out all the ugly bits so readers like me won't get distracted. Kudos to them. Beauty blogs are superficial in nature anyway.

    Regarding your own blog, sometimes I think your sarcasm is uncalled for even if the questions directed at you are as stupid as hell.. I still think you could've handle it more maturely.

    p/s: I appreciate the 'individuality'(I can't remember the right word for it) of your blog. Even with the above critism. It would be boring if all beauty blogs are the same.

  11. Irene:
    I just saw your reply today...

    As for my response to several reader's questions...Of course I would never say that I handle them maturely (I am acting my age and I am rather young) but how "mature" do you think a girl is if she tells a stranger "you are wasting a lot of money unless you cake on makeup on a daily basis." I personally think that's quite impolite and middle-schoo-drama.So in which way should I act would be considered "mature" to you?

    I am not mother Teresa so I cannot just smile and say "Thanks for visiting and bye!" and I personally don't see the point deleting comments either because how fun is it if I only keep the comments I like?

    Anyway, I always suggest people to leave if they hate any aspect of my blog as I never change/tone down myself just because I piss of someone over the net. If you think that a "perfect enviroment with flawless/air brushed picture, nice blogger who doesn't get annoyed by her "dear readers" is individual and unique...

    I just think that it's very sad.

  12. i hate blogs with 'lookatmelookatmelookatme' vibes. i really hate blogs where the bloggers insist on talking about their freakin kids. if i wanted to hear about that i would look up that and not a blog that defines itself as a beauty blog. everybody loooves everyone. it's the internet. if you haven't ever even met knock it off. and yes blurry freakin pictures!! if you can't do any better than that have the dignity not to post it on the world wide web.

    1. I think "lookatme" was tolerable (though I don't follow blogs with unnecessarily large amount of face shot...) try "worship me"...


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