Wet n Wild Mega Eye Trio

Sometime I have to admit that eBay can be a cosmetic heaven...I found those limited edition Wet n Wild without any markup...

In case you don't know, I consider Wet n Wild Mega Eyes Trio some of the drugstore gem (despite the unappealing packaging) they are creamy, pigmented and easy to blend. The only down fall is that the color look quite boring like all the other drugstore brand.

But that's what Limited Editions are for right?

There are four colors from that range, I skipped the brown and pink and head straight to my normal pick, green and teal.
Moss is actually a bit warm in color.Aquamarine is quite pretty with the teal crease color and there is actually a bit bluish tint in the white highlighter which makes it quite special. The plummy brown somewhat reminds me of the bruise side of Nars Habanera duo but in a more pigmented way. (It still doesn't change the fact that it look like bruise though.)

Overall, they are pretty decent toys but I really which they comes with a sturdier packaging, at least they won't look bad next to the Nars and Stila shadow in my storage case...


  1. I have these :D. Haven't used them yet, but they look good from the swatches ;). [My swatches too.]


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