Sunday, April 26, 2009

Jemma Kidd Eye Shadow

Aren't high end expensive because they pay people to give you attitude, weird faces, evil stares "shopping bag" and customer-no-service anyway? So why in the world are these Jemma Kidd eye shadow 18 bucks, come on people, this is Target...

Anyway, I managed to try on all of those, on my arm of course.

The powder eyeshadow are crap, the color pay off is so bad that I have to run my finger back again and again and again...after 6,7 layers, the color is still sheer...Some of the shades are really pretty, but it's just not worth my time re-dipping for so many times...Not to mention the texture is a bit chalky, gritty and dusty...

See the pinkish beige at far right is gone already?

These pastel actually looks pretty dramatic and neon in the pan...

Vintage is quite delicate and pretty, it's a pinkish beige with multi colored shimmer and frosty finish, which is like a blended (chalky, sheer and gritty) version of Stila Kitten

The silver one at the right is a white shadow stained by something else...I dipped in using the wrong finger.

Editor is a nice brownish taupe but it got all washed out in the picture.

Sorry for the weird lighting, it's is the least amount washed out when it's not directly below sun.


  1. The colors look very pretty, but so sheer! It's a shame they aren't very pigmented.

  2. Seriously, for $18 each they better be some seriously quality product!! I doubt anyone would really buy these...


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