Saturday, February 07, 2009

China Glaze Nail Color --- In Vogue

It always looks better holding a more expensive nail color bottle, for one thing, the words won't come off...But that's not the reason I got a bottle of China Glaze nail color in In Vogue. A soft. matte rosy pink .

Although the shade "In Vogue" is quite basic and plain, the polish is quite easy to apply and dry up. The color is quite flattering unlike the Really Rosy from Revlon, which looks good under yellow lighting but look horribly tacky under daylight.

The color is romantic under soft light, but very sweet and girly under the sun. Love it!

Every girl needs a basic pink nail color like this. Don't you think ?


  1. That's a really nice color. I only have a bunch of light baby pinks or shimmery ones. Where do you get your China Glazes?

  2. I got it from a friend, who got the bottle from a nail salon in the mall.

    Again, you can always try ebay, but it seems that they only have wacky color like green, blue, brown around...


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