Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Bourjois Eye Shadow

Bourjois blushers are quite well known in the beauty circle, being the sister brand of fashion giant like Chanel, their shadow can't be too bad right?

Ti find out, I picked up two shade violet artistique and rose perle (pearly pink).

For someone who is expecting a little bit of color, the two shadow are both on the sheer side that you have to dampen it to get an intensity, the shimmer both of the shadow have are very plain looking (both of them just have a sort of silver/white shimmer. ) But it's better than chunky glitters at least.

Although the color pay off isn't the best out there, the overall look isn't tacky either, since both of them have a very fine texture and their shimmer is more pearly than frosty that a sheer layer of the lilac one allover the lids would give a pretty fresh look , as for the light pink shadow, it works pretty well as a base or a highlighter. Since the package is quite small, I wouldn't mind carrying with me when I go out, I could always to use the mirror to check whether I have food stuck in my teeth or something like that.


  1. Thank goodness because my friend sent some of Bourjois e/s to me, now I can relate to your review, thanks! :)

  2. Lol, thanks for liking my nose! Lol, i've only gotten a handful of those comments in my life.

    I didn't realize you were asian --

    about Fan Bing Bing -- she's cute, but a bit "Xiao3 Qi4" looking. I think my fave asian face is Kelly Hu.

    Anyhow, thanks for your comment!! Let me know how you like the Bourjois shadows.

  3. I like some of the Bourjois shadows. I have a very dark green and a very dark purple that have amazing payoff, but the rest are sort of sheer.

    The packaging is adorable. Love it :)

  4. Nikki:
    Of course you can realte. I actually see you using the bourjois in your blog quite often...works nicely on you though...For me, I have stila already.

    I don't know much FBB actually, I don't watch romance soap...Yeah, Kelly Hu is pretty hot, in a sun goddess way.

    Actually I would like to see some deeper shades, but then I wouldn't know what to do with it, despite my 1 year experimentation, my skill is still close to zero. As for the packaging...I thought the little round jar cute at first, but after stepping on/crashing 3 of them (2 blushers 1 eye shadow)...

  5. I have Vert Petillant which is basically a light green. More mint than lime.

    I love it! It's really vibrant without using it wet and it's sooo smooth.

    Maybe it's just the couple of colours you got?

    I haven't tried any other colour though, I got this as a gift

  6. Hi Zandre:

    The vert pettillant sounds pretty nice. (Right now I can't even get Bourjois here since sephora has discontinued carrying the line...even if they have it. I can probably get a whole stila palette at some discount site...and I personally think that Stila is a lot better quality wise. (Or I don't have to worry about the compact getting squashed...)


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