Monday, November 03, 2008

The Quest For the Perfect Cleanser: Part I

Didn't I find one already, that Shiseido White Lucent Cleansing Foam ?

Ok, let me change the title a little bit, I meant the perfect cheap cleanser... Shiseido is good, but that price is a little bit crazy and I am fully convinced by my mom that the act of such purchase is pure evil...(I know, the cleanser actually foams really well and I didn't really need much, but I always squeeze twice what I really needed so the thing only lasted me about 4 months...)

Anyway, my hunt started back in August when there was only 1/4 of the Shiseido left. And geez, I am just looking for a gentle cleansers that cleanse (I like foamy ones) well and doesn't smell too bad ...Who knows that such cleanser is so hard to find?

Now take a look at the contestants.

1. Dove Cool Moisture Foaming Cleanser

I bought it just because I like green. They call it lightly foaming, I call them pathetic bubbles...

Skin Effect by Dr. Jeffery Dover

Although I don't put much trust in dermatologist ( remember that lip gloss skin cancer theory?) , but I still think they know their stuff after years of training. This cleanser is formulated for sensitive skin, so it doesn't sting my face. I don't really like it because the foam disappears so quickly that I have to hush up on cleaning, the fragrance free formula makes the cleanser smell a bit yucky too.
Juice Organic
It cleanses quite well without being bubbly, but the major down fall is that both its texture and smell reminds me of cooked pig feet (yes, its' quite popular in Chinese cuisine.) I don't know how since the ingredient are all vegetarian...

The Healing Garden Cleansing Gel

The top most ingredient in this cleanser is aloe juice (which is like a slimy gel,) so it barely foams...On the bright side, the smell wasn't really disgusting though.

Clean & Clear Deep Action Cream Cleanser
I've had one or two of this back in Canada, where I never really get a chance to sweat (plus I never bothered to put anything on my face...not even sunscreen.) It has a cooling feel and doesn't foam at all, while that cleaning powering is alright in Canada, it's a bit weak now since I am in Texas...

Nature's Gate Deep Cleansing Face Wash
This stuff has the scent and texture of a opaque shampoo, eww...

Olay Pore Refining Mousse Cleanser
I've tried about 4 product form Olay, all with disastrous results : The for-sensitive skin skin wipe stings my skin, the for-sensitive-skin-again moisturizer with sunscreen not only stings but also gave me rashes which later developed into massive peeling...Need to hear more?

Anyway, first the strong scent threw me off, then they claim this cleanser has micros crystals that do the scrubbing, all I felt was tiny pieces of glasses cutting through my face. The warning on the bottle is stupid, they told me to hold it until a whole glob of foam is on my hand ("don't just press half way or you risk of having explosion! ") , but that things never stopped coming I ended up with way more than I need and this ran out within a week, as a hand wash...

In short, the search wasn't that easy huh? (Don't worry, there is a part two, let's see what happens?)


  1. yes yes, the search is difficult! I know!! can't wait to read your part2 :D


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