Best Three Dollars Spent on Lip Gloss

This was actually less than 3 dollars. There was mini sale that chop off a dollar off for each two items. Here is one of the many goodies I found: The Wet n Wild USA Diamond Brilliance Lip Color in Tamara's Tiara. I was in the store, trying to decide which one to get, a bag of beef jerky or this, both around 3 bucks. And I got both...(I just can't say no to food.)

Very shiny shimmery and stick gloss inside the prism container. There is a pretty tacky plastic diamond at the top of the tube, I don't mind it as much since I know I am paying money for the good quality than useless packaging. It's optic illusion bottle again so you are not getting that much product, around 5ml I believe. Who need a huge tube of red lip color anyway, to wear to a grocery store?So it's what I called scarlet red without any plummy undertone, which for some reasons it showed up in my swatch...

Once it goes on, it's more like a very moisturizing lipstick (not the creamy type) , the coverage is very good and what you see on the tube is what you will get with one even layer. I was trying it on in the evening and a friend of mine said that it actually looked quite natural. While I doubt my natural lip color is that red, I kind of know what she meant, it's a flattering color that has the similar result as a lip stain and it's a lot easier to pull off compared to DiorKiss in Caramel Apple, my only other opaque red gloss that's way too shiny/glamorous for a lower key look.

P.S. I seriously don't get why my camera have to turn this into hot pink, it's red in real life by the way. Taking picture of lip color is tricky...even more so on lips. At least you can tell how nice the texture it is.

Here is the swatch for the silk-finish lipstick (Added: It's in shade 522A, Dark Wine) that I got along with the lip gloss (2 for $3) . It's is indeed quite silky upon application, the lip color smells a bit waxy and the tube doesn't look very good, but the quality is unbeatable. I don't remember the number for the color but it's is plummy red and this one showed up alright.

Red is such a pretty color on lips, at least I like it a lot better than pink.


  1. that's a wonderful inexpensive lip gloss! I love the color! it is good coverage indeed! :)

  2. That shade is beautiful! It looks great on you. I find it so hard to find a red color I can pull off

  3. That lipstick shade looks amazing on you! What is it called?

  4. Hi there:

    That lipsticks is the silk finish lipstick in 522A, I check on the website, it's called "dark wine"...

    It's a dollar from drugstore and I guess you could always wait for a BOGO sale if you are not in a hurry...


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