Monday, July 14, 2008

Dust and Swirl for a Rosy Cloud - My Blusher Brushes Part One : The Keyboard Duster

(That's a long title...)

My blush obsession started only a while ago, since the tool is also a part of the look, I managed to grab myself some brushes to helping adding that rosy cloud I am looking for. For the part one of the blusher brushes, here are the ones that going to dust my laptop with...

Bare Escentuals feather light: The Skunk

I got this as a mental substitution of MAC 187 since my wallet was a bit hurt after Anna Sui and Stila. It does the stippling i.e. press the color in and blending) It's not nearly as soft as I want it to be. I might as well add, it's not hard to get from eBay for about 10 bucks.

The combination of oatmeal and plastic white is a bit ugly...So although it's not that steep, don't burn money like I did...

Later I saw this skunk brush from Target by Sonia Kashuk for 13 bucks, and it's much bigger and softer, I wish I got that one instead.

Let's head to another budget find (for about 6 dollars).

Posh Angled Blush Brush
: The Backup

Very thick and firmly packed hair, so it's pretty good at picking up a generous amount of color but surprisingly it's not harsh on my skin, the white hair (I think it's synthetic fiber but it doesn't have any weird smell at all) helps me knowing how much product I am getting.

I don't really use it since I don't usually go for the contour plus if I apply some cherry red blushers with this, it gives me a just-kissed-by-jellyfish look...Or put it this way, a freshly slapped face.

Despite the uneven application (that's the point of contour I guess?) I do like the how softly the brush goes on but Posh is horrible at making this red lacquered handles! I mean, they, smudge, melt(by nail polish) and cracked if water get in...How did water get in the first place! . So, if you see Posh anywhere with a grocery store price (instead of the online price) , grab the retractable and kabuki brush and skip everything else!

Anna Sui Tapered Cheek Brush : Just a pretty face/brush

I bought it because I [definitely] have a fixation on floral pattern, especially roses, big and bold or in symmetry (My mom liked to dress me in floral dresses ever since I was little,and I think the idea kinda stuck...)

I mean, isn't the rose handle lovely? The bristle itself is very soft and smooth, but the hair is just way too thin that I had to have several brush strokes when I just want to dust in a little blusher...not fun, not to mention the smooth hair doesn't pick up much color at all.

Oh yeah, one day I was bored and I washed this using Burt's Bee Rosemary Peppermint shampoo bar (it gives short/medium hair a very refreshing "zing" in the morning but it might be too troublesome for longer hair.) and when it dried...

As you can see, it became a mini-afro and no intensive condition will help unless I give it a chemical perm... *Sighs* (Well, it picks up color much better now...if it matter? By the way, I still love Burt's Bees. )

Since I've started, I will just do a quick review on the Anna Sui Flat Lip Brush:

It's flat instead of tapered like the lip brush from most western brands, it's better at spreading lip gloss than applying lip color.

Yeah, I am so anal that I apply squeeze tip lip gloss with my own brush...

Since the background all match, here I present the most pointless purchase I made to-date: Anna Sui blotting paper. I have normal skin, so there is pretty much no oil to blot during the day unless the sunscreen has oil floating on top. The quality of the paper is by far the worst I've seen, it's weak and doesn't really absorb much...I got it when there was a sale, so it was around 5 bucks flushed right down toilet.

So here are some items to look for if you have an urge to burn some of your hard-earned money, if you want cheek brushes that works, here is Part Two: The hard-workers!


  1. You know what? I have the Bare Escentuals flawless finish brush and it hurts my face like crazy! I hate's super soft for the first few uses but after a couple of wash..BLEH!

  2. Thanks for this. I need a new blush brush, so these reviews are very helpful. can't wait for part 2.

  3. Hi Nikki.

    Yeah, I probably will never go back to bare escentual for anything...I found the one when it comes to brushes (will reveal a few days later...)already plus some quality substitutes why bother with that if the brushes from BE are sorta ugly anyway...
    Hi Gio:

    No Prob...Part Two will probably come in a week or so...I need to make sure I am rotating between long and shorter posts so that the first page won't be out of proportion...Come back later, I think you will like it!



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