Sunday, July 26, 2020

Metholatum Lip Fondue in Scarlet Pink

I am not really a stick balm kind of person (liquid formula seems more effective on me) but sometime, there are some great formula that work as sheer lipstick (Nivea Strawberry Balm comes to mind). Mantholatum lip balm is something that I had experience since my childhood (their sunscreen packaging back in early 2000 was so adorable) so when I saw this While travelling in Tokyo, I picked one up to see how the brand is like now! 
This was around 4-5 dollars in drugstore and comes with very simple red plastic tube.
Lip Fondue is a clear red gel in a stick (there is some miniscule amount of micro glitter, the good kind that enhances the jelly finish) since the formula is extremely soft, it's recommended to only have 2mm of stick out since it get squashed easily and doesn't retract back. The lip balm has a very light fruit jelly scent that's not at all bothersome.
Scarlet Pink is a sheer cool red that's very flattering and easy to wear. The formula, being a gloss in stick, is moisturizing and long wearing enough for a gloss. I feel that the same product can be easily marketed as highend because it just looks good but not in childish way. Next time I will pick up their matcha lip balm, if they are still available. 


  1. Wow I need to start trying these tinted lip balms, they were never on my radar previously. I've tried random lip balms from Mentholatum but mostly in China. Recently got the tapioca milk tea SPF 18 or something lip balm

  2. I have an orange one (it applies pretty much clear) and it's what I apply underneath the mask ^.^


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