Thursday, July 09, 2020

Fenty Glow - Gloss Bomb Lip Luminizer

Sometime earlier this year, I made a quiet resolution(I didn't want to declare loudly and not follow through) to cut back my Sephora purchases - Nothing wrong with them (actually there are many) , it's just that I had wasted too much money on items I don't reach for. However, I broke my pinky promise, twice (each with a Fenty gloss). 

Well, I was meaning to use up my point being gone for good and I only spent $38 for the first six months. 
After Hot Chocolit (which I like as a layering piece), I had to get their "Universally flattering nude" called Fenty Glow.
Fenty Glow is a warm peachy nude that's full of conventional (not the super fine micro or the flakey from Hot Chocolit) Shimmer.
The tube is big (still smaller than Maybelline Lifter) and contains a generous 9ml of product. 
A large wand that actually contains enough for my whold lips (I am a serial redipper).
Since Fenty Glow has a lot of shimmer, the consistency feel a little thicker and I can sometime taste the gloss. From the tube it kind of reminds me of Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Gloss in Nude Lustre (also a peachy nude that looks a little rosy) but thet are quite diffrent. 

Fenty Glow has a clear base and a glassy finish while the old Super Lustrous has a milky color base (yes floaty white but it didn't look bad) and a smooth balmy finish. I guess it's really hard to actually dupe a lip gloss unless you have the formula at hand. Maybelline is supposed to be dupe (Topaz is very similar to Fenty Glow) but I think the formula is completely different.
Fenty Glow half and lightly applied (I think I like it better this way) - A light layer makes the lips warmer and rosier.
A thicker layer:  It's plumper and glassier but the shimmer is also quite noticeable and flat. 
Fenty Glow and Bare Mineral Gen Nude Lipstick in Panko
Fenty Glow as a base for Panko

Overall: This is a lovely gloss formula, I guess I will cave in again if they come up with new shades.


  1. All three variations with the Fenty gloss are beautiful! I can see this is indeed a really good gloss formulation but I always feel torn when it comes to Fenty Beauty. First, those chink-eye incident and the packaging and the colors names put me off a little bit. I am thirsty for good lip glosses myself although I can always go for Chanel Glossimer and Suqqu lip gloss. I still want varieties with more affordable choices!

    1. Damn I didnt know about the chinky eyes thing...When I googled the first result was her calling her ex's new girlfriend rice cake and a highlighter named geisha chic....Oh lord she is serial offender. Rich coming from an "inclusive" brand....Sadly it seems okay to be racist toward Asian.

      Well I will think twice before shelling out my lunch money.

    2. Exactly - I think something like this is why so many Asian folks had hard time getting fully onboard with the BLM movement. It's like my head is with it but not my heart, if you know what I mean. I still donated and share the stuff that resonated with me, but this is another issue that's important but not likely addressed!

      On a lighter subject - I just ordered a roen liquid lip balm and have high hopes for it. I think it sounds like something you'd enjoy as well. Will update soon! Have a nice weekend! :D

    3. Despite those black on Asian crimes, I still support their movement. Frankly all the increasing hate toward Asian (even committed by other minority) it was embedded in their mind / stirred up by the media (99.9% not black owned). Like the last two years the media all position in such way that "It's ok to hate China/Chinese people because country is so evil, backward, totalitarian". (It was repeated enough time to be "the truth".)

      For any one who hate Chinese "rightfully" be it other Asians or poc) and that eventually extended to whole east Asian (to a racist, they are all "Chinks" anyway). There was one time a California newspaper tweeted about covid case and the image used was Bong Joon Ho winning Oscar (because...Asians). What Rihanna did wasn't classy (ignorant and insensitive) but I find it magnitude less evil than Dolce Gabbana's Chopstick tutorial...

      I had to google what's Roen. To many new brands outta Sephora!

  2. I never bought into the Fenty hype. Honestly all Rhianna for Fenty is glorified brand ambassador/ghost writer/ industry plant. It's not even technically owned by her, it's owned by Kendo which is a subsidiary of LMVH. Everyone raves about Fenty 40 shades but all they did was copy MAC, Lancome, BB etc shading system. I do find the BLM a little hypocritical. Everyone like oh don't be racist, yet it's ok to be racist towards Asians, esp now.

    We're getting the "second wave" of coronavirus here in Australia. There's like clusters near where I live.


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