Monday, July 06, 2020

Clarins Lip Comfort Oil in Blackberry

I have a bit of love hate relationship with Clarins Lip Oil - This " first lip oil ever!" (not) was introduced as something new (and much better) while other glosses were mass discontinued. I hate it because the formula was mediocre at best and I find it fake-moisturizing. In the other hand, they got some gorgeous jelly shades free of any shimmer that when I first saw Blackberry (back in Summer 2018) I had to get it. 

Why is shimmer free glosses so hard to find anyway?
All the magic of Clarins lip oil comes from the large cushiony wand, it's full and lush, making the whole application so enjoyable.
The gloss itself it's the same old runny gloss that soothes lips when it's at OK condition. It actually gets quite drying when the runny gloss film wear out (during winter it sinks in lip lines like crazy). As for the shade - Blackberry is a cool grape juice that looks edge yet Romantic with one swipe, with layering it becomes more a cool way.
Clarins Blackberry, Fresh Sugar in the City and Dior Berry (that turns Grandma magenta on me) - A clear cool grape is very much welcomed because most other plummy ones have a warmer, reddish undertone that can be a wee auntie for my liking. 
Clarins Lip Oil in Blackberry - I couldn't resist and did two layers here (one layers is usually enough color), you can see the pigments areally sinking into lines, eventhough it was taken on a very humid days. I really like this shade for summer and wish other brand would make shades like this. 


  1. Ooohh that's pretty!

    Have you tried the LE Suqqu Water Color Lip Ink? It has the jelly gloss formula you like, totally clear and shimmer free, and gives only a hint of color. I bought these on a whim and ended up loving them. They're still on Bonbon Cosmetics I think...

    1. No I haven't...I only go for bonbon when I am absolutely desparate (when counters sell out certain LE shade in Japan).

      I know I would like it but there are many thing I can get for $47....

  2. Lolz speaking of Clarins I don't really like the Clarins Ever Matte Powder anymore (sad face). I was raving about it to high heavens before but now I find it's not enough coverage (for a setting powder) and it sits in all my fine lines n texture. It also "evaporates" after an hour because it's so fine milled. The shades also don't match me well I have to mix 01 & 02. I like using powder foundations to set my foundation. I've literally tried every powder foundation- MAC, Chanel, Dior, Clarins, Lancome, EL, Bare Minerals, Too Faced. Either it was too cakey, no shade match or just too sheer. However I have 2 powders that are in line to replace Clarins, but also comes with few problems. The first one is Clinique Almost Powder makeup SPF15. The SPF15 was good, it had 12% titanium dioxide and 2% Octoxinate. The shade match 04 isn't perfect it's a bit ashy but good enough. Problem is Clinique of course had to reformulate and now it's only 1.2% titanium dioxide and 2% Octoxinate spf18. I have yet to try the reformulated version as it hasn't come out to Australia yet. Then the second one is Coverfx powder foundation in G40+. Amazing. Great coverage doesn't sit in my fine lines and shade match is spot on. Problem? Coverfx has been discontinued in Sephora. They gonna bring in that stupid Selena Gimez makeup line to Sephora. They now selling in Ulta I believe. Here in Australia it's also on it way out. So I have no choice but to order it online from Beautylish which is annoying.

    1. Geez I don't need another celebrity cash grab...Rhihanna one is enough for me. Anyway Clinique does have really good review and they look like there are lots of shades to choose from.


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