Wednesday, June 03, 2020

Jill Stuart Lip Blossom Eternal Couture in 03 Tender Ranunculus

Yes...I have too many Jill Stuart Lipsticks (funny that the one I truly love is their lip balm).
Jill Stuart Beauty has a habit of doing limited edition packaging. When I saw the antique bronze tube and fake pearl, I caved in again.
Gorgeaous paper box with matching pearl 
Mirror on top. The tube is in antique rose gold that's slightly painted over (it's less mirror like). 
02 is a classic beige rose with fine shimmer. While my favorite are still the bright coral, cherry red and pop pink...I have started my hunt for the elegant rosy lipstick.  
One more glamour shot
03 Tender Ranunculus is a sheer light medi  rose with silver pearly shimmer and a very shiny finish.  On winter days, it lightly adds  touch of rose but during summer (when my lip color is deeper), this appears rather frosty.
I like Jill Stuart nenewed formula but this just ended up looking like a generic mauve pink with a lot of frost. Do not want. 


  1. Did you see the new Revlon Super Lustrous Glass Shine lipsticks? I saw them at my local drugstore. I couldn't test it because they removed all the testers. Revlon probably reckons it's gonna be Lip Butters 2.0.

    1. I saw them on other blogs...Super Lustrous have shine formula before (they were pretty good). My local Rite Aid got bought out by Walgreens so the promotelion is pretty lame nowadays. I have heard great reviews but haven't seen a shade I really like...

  2. Lolz I'm really stingy these days. So I normally use Garnier Micellar water to take off my base makeup but because they are a little pricey (I go through them like water), I been using makeup wipes first, then go over it with Garnier Micellar water for the final clean. Makeup wipes are always half price on any given week at the drugstore, so they are cheap and usually you get 25 wipes. I like Neutrogena, Simple, Garnier, Loreal and Olay wipes basically the brand ones. The el cheapo ones are crap- they contain high amounts of phenoxyethanol which tends to irritate my face.

    1. I only use Micellar water for Eyes and lips (Burts bees is surprisingly good) and cleansing oil takes care of everything else!


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