Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Canmake Perfect Multi Eyes in 01 Rose Chocolat

Aside from the Balm Rouge and Cream Cheeks - Canmake eyeshadow palettes occupies a big chunk of the brand's reputation: They might not be the silkiest or skin melting but they always have interesting color combos and shades that are fun yet very wearable. The Perfect Multi Eyes is a range of mostly matte palettes that might look boring but is incredibly easy to wear.
As with the other Perfect Multi Eyes I have reviewed -  The pans are very firmly pressed leaving minimal fly off and while all pan appears to be matte, you can see some fine shimmer that make the texture silkier and less flat on the face. Regular matte shadow from western brand is usually too talc/chalky for my liking and I find the Japanese version more user friendly.
From Top to bottom - Pale pinkish white beige (that looks quite shimmery but it works as a very subtle base and highlight), a peachy beige, medium rosy chocolate brown,  a deeper chocolate brown (that has weaker pigmentation so it layers well without being muddy). The deepest liner shade is a bitter chocolate with rose undertone (again with weaker pigmentation that it can be smudged around lashline).
Applied in the standard gradation way - The overall effect is very clean, professional and polished. It doesn't photograph well but I think it's something that goes with any outfit and occasions. It makes your eyes a little brighter and bigger without obvious trace of makeup.  The older I get, the more I like these subtle eyeshadow shades (and even matte!) - They pretty much functions like double eyelid tape - defining the lids with both some texture and color.
Overall - I like it enought that it survived the great purge of 2020.

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