Sunday, May 31, 2020

Wet n Wild Liquid Catsuit Eyeshadow in Frost Bite

For people who are enflamed by current state of society (and who are sick of seeing close up pictures of my mouth), here is something to cool down with.
I saw Frost Bite sometime last fall, having a coupon and needed some cash for the Chinatown fruit stands (which by the way were being burnt last night), I grabbed it for around 3 bucks after discount. Wet n Wild Liquid Cat Suit was texturally very similar to Stila liquid eyeshadow, it would be very fun to get some unique shades for cheap.
Frost Bite is a metallic aqua with multi  color base shimmer (that formed the metallic sheen) plus additional blue same sized glitter.
While the base color sheer out easily, into a very watery blue that isn't exactly flaterring on warm blooded human. From an angle, there is still a sheen that looks fun and mermaid style.
Anyway, the overall formula is ruined by the larger blue glitter...They are just there, and practically all you can see once it's spread. I tried to use it as eyeliner but by the time I transfered it from the wand to back of hand then to my own brush, the liquid is already goopy...

Verdict: Hate it but appreciate the effort.


  1. Omg I have something similar from Maybelline from a while ago. The doe foot dispenses way too much product. I think my friend made me toss it or it's lost somewhere in my drawers

    1. This is going to the garbage after a few photo ops....

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