Thursday, May 28, 2020

Three Lush Pellucid Color of Rain Lipstick in X02 Sunkissable

Is this the most  pretentious and unnecessarily long name or what?
For their summer 2019 collection, three shades were released by Three Cosmetics, each with a beautiful name. There is a Hot Pink called Rainbow Warrior and a dusty plum (totally my shade but it looked glittery) called Flower of Romance. I got X02 Sunkissable, a warm Orange with super fine shimmer. 
The box even has dew drops. 
Ingredient list -A bunch of fruit, seed oils and essences. 
I always associate Three with gummy packaging but it seems that they now make a sleek and almost unisex kind of tube. 
I am not sure if it's just the Lush Pellucid, the name is holographic, reflecting different colors with various angles.
ThRee lipstick has its simple yet distinctive tip.  It doesn't take a star, cat head or rosebud to make a statement.
Three Sunkissable, Armani Cammelia, Suqqu Momosuishou (I don't love the color but the formula is winterproof) and Aritaum Ginger Balm. As you can see, Three is warm but doesn't lean neon. I usually love this kind of warm coral as they are casual and face brightening. 
As for the formula - Lush Pellucid has a smooth oily glide that feels like gentle dew drops on the lips. It's especially suitable for summer as the heat melts off the lipstick a little bit. I wouldn't say it's special but the color is subtle, tasteful for work and cute enough for play or grocery run. 

However, during winter, it (Three is a natural oriented brand that makes everything with essential oils) really just sits on top and can dry down into a thin film overtime. For colder months I prefer going for those "regular" (unnatural / chemical) lipsticks formula by Suqqu or RMK. 

Since their lipstick tube is so cute (easy for storage too) I thought about getting that sheer red...Then got a little repulsed by the name- Taste of Freedom? (Sounds like operation by CIA).


  1. Awesome! You actually got a hold of a tube of Sunkissable! It sold out so quick online and was price-scalped everywhere else. I was really lemming it for a while but refrained because of the shimmers. Same with the most recent Suqqu LE lippies--shimmers galore! The last Suqqu lippies I got with shimmers had that gritty texture I hate. Urgh.

    1. It's still on bonboncosmetics for 46...7 dollars markup and shipping isn't that bad? The shimmer here is super fine, it's the good kind that make things more jello looking.

      I really want the suqqu summer lipsticks as well. But I can't find it online yet...The tube is too beautiful.

    2. Oh nice, thanks for the tip! $46 is way better 9,000yen on Amazon Japan!

      I kept wavering back and forth with the Suqqu summer lipsticks. The tubes are nice, but the glitters and the grittiness...

    3. Geez Japanese sellers do that too...No lipstick is worth 90bucks. Whenever shades sell out in Japan I looked for them at bonbon (Addiction mio violetta was one of them). They have their own counters (which aren't getting much foot traffic/business )...I hope brands dont retreat from HK.

  2. HAHAHA repulsed by the name
    I always see Three at the airport but never got it, I recall it was a little pricy :x maybe I'll grab it the next time I see it. I think their skincare or base makeup was talked about by some Taiwanese YTers I've seen

    1. Three is best known for their skincare, they have very refined color schemes but all those oil based skin loving ingredients make them crease so fast...Addiction is a great brand to get duty free (but it doesn't hurt to check first). For most makeup set sold by Cathay Pacific's sky mall sets, the price of sets is the regular retail price of all items...I mean why do I even bother if I am flying from Japan?


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