Friday, May 22, 2020

Mychelle Coconut Sun Shield Mineral Sunscreen

A year ago Wholefoods was running some promotion on their skincare products, being curious about what American brands can offer, I picked up a tube of Mychelle Sun Shield Coconut. SPF28 is laughably low but somehow it seems more reasonable. Whenever I see 4-5% of filter and a high claimed SPF rating, my BS alarm runs off, afterall the claims are more or less self-reported. FDA might regulates whatever is allowed in US  market, it doesn't actively tests those sunscreen against their claims.
The 0.67% of Titanium Dioxide is almost negligible so it's counting on the 11.4 Zinc Oxide. And no, naming something ZincClear doesn't mean that it's actually clear. 
Whole ingredient list.
Mychelle Coconut Sun Shield is a thick gel cream with a yummy coconut scent. A tiny amount can be spread on dry skin with a visible but tolerable amount of white cast. If I use any glob that's bigger than a pea sized or apply on skin thathas some moisturizer residue, it pills badly. 

When I had 2x a pea sized (not really adequate) on my face, it was like making a bread tough that refuses to smooth out. It's very white (Zinc what clear?), uneven and full of crumbs.  The only way to use it is to do so very sparingly, and it doesn't look too bad (and only gets a little sticky at the end of day). Anyway, a small percentage of SPF28 is pratically nothing so I don't see the point. 


  1. Ooof I remember seeing this brand at Sprouts. I guess you can always use it on your hands?

    1. I will try...I can also just use chemical sunscreen that actually works though (my hands and arm skin are tougher/don't react to those filters).

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