Thursday, May 21, 2020

Jill Stuart Lip Blossom 60 - Melty Rose

Ever since its entry into US late 2018, I have been getting too many toys by Jill Stuart. In one hand they have improved formula , competitive pricing (in US, most items are a few bucks cheaper) and frequent promotions. In the other hand, their colors are overwhelmingly feminine pink (gimme some warm coral, juicy orange and fruity red!) and I can't handle having so many princess wands in my household! 
When Jill Stuart released new shades of Lip Blossom last summer. I saw a bright warm red and I did it again...For research.
60 Melty Red - is a passionate rose red. I suppose melty describes the shimmer-free, cream formula and the particular shade is indeed spot on, like a summer rose that starts to bloom around this time of the year. 
I was initially very excited about this shade because even if it didn't look warm - A neutral red is already a big step forward (consider the other reddish one I have is very pinkish).
And what is that bright glaring thing? Could it be...

Melty Rose has dreaded white base underneath! I have tried enough of reds to detect a white base within a second... Despite the glossy, semi sheer and moisturizing formula of improved Lip Blossom, 60 Melty Rose definitely has that color-sitting-on-top quality that indicates the presence of white pigment. 
Melty Rose reminds me of the UK Exclusive Saebara, except with a more hydrating formula and less dated color. Aside from looking a little off (when it comes to bold lipsticks I can tell if it works out or not right away), it didn't seem all that bad and I thought I could use it as an occasional "power red". 

When you combine a glossy formula and white base - you get heavier pigment pulled to the center of lips by surface tension, the clown mouth happens within minutes of application, making this entirely unwearable outdoor.

To me, Melty Rose is an epic fail of a shade(in an amazing lipstick formula nonetheless). I have gotten another bold red Lip Blossom without the clownish quality (but the color is meh), I supposed they only know how to mix pinks.  


  1. Too bad about the white base. I was going to say that is a pretty darn pigmented red!

    1. Making a pigmented eyeshadow or lipstick is never the hard part. NYC and Wet n Wild do that for 1-3 dollars...This is probably as wearable as those tomford and suqqu red I had (I dislike them enough to get rid of them already)....I have another bold red that they actually managed to make even (pigment wise). It's still a fail though...haha. So far Kanebo brands know better how to make red beautiful.

  2. I have this lipstick but in #32 mandevilla dress! Poor color choice on my part, I notice Japanese lippies that I thought are coral are very pink which doesn't suit my complexion as well

    1. It's not Japanese brands...Jill Stuart in general are very pink leaning. Even the beige rose kind of shade more or less turned frosty pink because it's just not warm enough...

    2. Really? My Shu Uemura "coral" shades are also very pink

    3. Shade names: 04 sugar coral and S CR 350.
      *both hot pinks*

    4. Oh I have that neon coral lipstick as well (but the tint I Gelato I had earlier are both truth or warm coral). The coral lipsticks I have by Kanebo stay coral too...I suppose it's more about brands.


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