Saturday, March 14, 2020

Bare Minerals Full Flawless Brush

For the past few years, many beauty brands from all price points are shifting away from natural hair towards synthetics. While introducing the new range, Bare Minerals phased out some older brushes and I found them at TJ Maxx just for a few bucks!

The Full Flawless is a fluffy powder brush that appears to use natural hair (I can't tell what kind. Weasley?) - The hair isn't super silky but it's not scratchy either, the tip of the hair is naturally tapered and is great at picking up and evenly distribute powder. 
I use it for setting and UV powder and the size is perfect for covering my whole face with a few strokes. While there are plenty of soft synthetic brushes for buffing in foundation, natural hair is better at giving a refined and natural finish. It's not the best powder brush but it's certainly better than rubbing plastic on my face.
Anyway, other than cutting (a lot of) costs (for the companies, the saving never get passed onto customers anyway) , I am not a big fan of the whole switch toward synthetics. It might be less cruel than cutting the hair off a pony (American brand don't use squirrel or other fancier hair types anyway), synthetic hair isn't exactly sustainable. After all it's just little pieces of plastics that break into smaller microplastic (but never fully biodegradable) that still ended up in the salmon that you eat.

End of rant. Anyway, spring is here already (some cherry blossoms even bloomed in my neighbourhood) and expect more posts! I am kind of on quarantine (promised my coworkers I won't go to the city after work) there will be plenty of time for glamour shots and doing clown makeup at home.


  1. I agree with you. I am not entirely sure making synthetic brushes is the perfect solution but animal cruelty isn't a light subject either. I know little about brushes but I am starting to feel (and learn) how nice it is to use a quality brush although I still use my Real Techniques on a daily basis.

    Hope you're doing well! I kind of expected the situation but it is quite surreal once it's upon us. I will look forward to your upcoming posts! :)

    1. My coworker brought me to Costco (they don't like the idea I am going to Chinatown that much) but Chinatown is deserted though and given how crazy Costco looked, I feel like there must be somebody getting exposed there...

  2. Wow I heard NY is in lockdown no? That blew up quick. Same with us here in Australia we're in lockdown. Everything shut except for shopping centre. I still working but so many ppl have lost their jobs. Shops are shutting left, right and centre.

    1. Yup. While I am fortunate that I still have a job(essential business) I am heart broken for all the small business I like, Especially ones in Chinatown (Asian were paranoid and stopped visiting those stores since February now it's so much worse). Meanwhile Sephora was offering free shipping on all order (they had never done that and frankly who cares lol)so are bunch of other companies...


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