Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Integrate Pro Finish Foundation - SPF 16 PA++

Back in fall 2016, Shiseido Integrate did a complete overhaul on their line. The newly refreshed brand caused quite a stir, all for the wrong reason. While introducing the line's three spoke models (Kaho, Komatsu Nana and Mori Hikari), Integrate had an ad of three besties hanging out celebrating Nana's birthday, the other two went on and on about how they are no longer cute and increasingly undesirable as they approach 25. So the message was like "You are old after 25, make up for it!" 

The commercial drew a lot of criticism and was quickly taken off  (here is an
  article in Japanese about the fiasco, there are some Taiwanese sources that still hosts the video but I won't link them here). I suppose it was insensitive (maybe a middle age man pitched the idea) but I still think it wasn't as off putting as those perfume commercials' message (Revlon's Love is On) "use our stuff so you can get laid". 

Anyway, I was pretty into their newer red packaging and bought one of their powder foundation. Just like BB cushion for Korean brands, powder foundation is a staple among Japanese brands as they have decent coverage, work better with Japan's often humid climate, are easy to carry and touch up (perfect for a hushed lifestyle). 
Integrate Pro Finish has a little heart emboss and the compact fits most Shiseido brands compact (it clicks right into Maquillage, Majolica Majorca compacts). There is a thin plastic sheet that separates the powder and the puff. 

In most stores there are 3 shades available OC00 (fairest ochre tone) OC10, OC20 and OC30 being the tannest (which doesn't look too dark to me) . OC10 being one of the more universal for east Asian. I picked up OC10, a little darker than my skin during winter but perfect most of the year. 
The powder has a smooth texture without being overly talc-y and I can get a pretty good coverage with one or two swipe. It evens out most spots and discoloration but it doesn't cover everything. I like it that instead of a thick cakey finish, if makes the skin looks a little matte in a peach fuzz, youthful sort of way. 

Of course, for a drugstore foundation, it's not without flaw. In order to get that natural and good coverage. The face has to be well moisturized (no dry flakes) but not wet and the puff need to be dry and relatively clean. For me it was perfect during fall and the short few weeks of spring time we have and sometime it looks  like a cakey mess. 

It actually enhances dryness during winter and looks patchy as hell during summer here. It probably isn't suitable when skin is in problematic state... After all, it's a brand that targets younger customers/ has age-shamed people who are over 25...
The cute red compact before it's all scratched up. 
This is how much I use after 3 years. (I am glad my review is still relevant/Integrate hasn't revamped the range). I guess  while you can certainly get better powder foundation, Integrate Pro Finish is still a great product at this price. While I don't rely on this for UV protection, it's perfect for setting and enhance the integrity of my daily sunscreen. 

Bottom line: It aint perfect but I like it.
This is a limited edition compact designed by their spoke model Komatsu Nana. The color is pretty that I don't want to use it.
The bottom half is electric blue. 
A little spy picture from a drugstore - The case retails for 400 yen while the compact powder (with sponge) retails for 1300 yen. I think every year there is a limited edition set with compact and refill.
Holiday 2018 is a soft gold (I got it for my friend and she likes it a lot) 
For holiday 2019 it's Frozen themed! I always consider a cartoon collaboration low effort money grab but the designers actually put a lot of effort on this collection! 
For 13 bucks, of course I had to grab it(That's like what, 2 large bubble tea? And while Sugar rush lasts for almost lasts forever).  I was freezing my toes off during that snowy Saturday afternoon (and it's middle of February and no snow since!). I need a blizzard for my glamour shots!


  1. Snow is real scarce this year, right? (of course, we shouldn't speak to soon)

    I haven't used a powder foundation in a while but used to love it for touch-ups during the day. Nowdays my skin produce less oil, regualr pressed powder works fine. I love how you include "pan info" (which fits in what). Thanks to you, I got a canmake powder refill and put it in my Paul & Joe case. The powder itself does some weirdly good things when I dust it off after I finish my makeup although I wouldn't consider the color ideal for me. ;)

    1. I actually got a few more powder, partly because my face has gotten so spotty and also for the cute compact designs...Shiseido is pretty handy since it has so many lines. Paul and Joe's new powder case out this spring looks so cute but I will need to refrain...

      Canmake marshmellow powder has really good reviews but I don't know about the rest...Actually I have one compact and it was kind of chalky...

  2. I'm using MAC Studio Fix Powder Foundation in NC 30. I do like it but it's a bit finnicky in application. Like today was a hot day and my face started to sweat, I have no air con and I started to apply it. And gasp horror the powder mixed with the sweat and literally balled up into little droplets (like the powder literally separated on my face) on my face...I looked like a freaking hot mess...when I get it right it looks absolutely gorgeous but when it goes wrong oh dear facepalm...

    1. Powder are finicky like that, I found liquid foundation more consistent but I don't like doing all those wet layers.

    2. It's too hot to wear full coverage foundation in summer esp if you have no aircon. My face is already sweating before I apply my sunscreen time I'll just do very light coverage foundation or bb cream then apply MAC Studio Fix Powder Foundation.

  3. wait it enhances dryness?
    I notice I've been having "problems" with powder lately bc it's drier in winter and maybe because my skin's aging. The best I can do is use a liquid foundation and set it
    Have you tried the MUFE powder? It has good coverage but no oil control

    1. I haven't tried most American foundation actually, because when I started experimenting almost every single brand cakes (look unnatural/foating on top no matter what shade I try) so I ended up going for Japanese brands (so I can go with "average" shade). While I don't have oily skin, I definitely need a mattifying powder for summer since the Annessa sunscreen is so greasy...


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