Sunday, February 09, 2020

Canmake Lip Cheek Gel - Apple Mango, Raspberry and Cranberry

Canmake lip and cheek gel is a follow up and tweaked version of their Cream Cheek, the new (it has been around for 5-6 years already if not longer) the duo purpose product more moisturizing, clear and it's suitable for the lip also.
The round compact is already adorable on the Cream Cheek (no complain, with the exception of Stila Cherry Crush, I don't use up cream blush anyway) and the Lip and Cheek Gel is even tinier. Canmake doesn't disclose the weight (or at least is very sneaky about it) so I imagine there is around 2g of product in each. 

Anyway, the little strip mirror is the real deal (not some Spray on plastic that gives you headache) and handy for touch up. I don't use it on lips and my cheeks it does seem to fade (my own solution of the problem is to use something that doesn't). Perhaps the stay time can be longer on a powdered face. 

The first two I got were 02 Apple Mango Parfait (clear reddish coral) and 03 Raspberry Float (slightly milky pink).  The two has a noticeably clearer texture and dewy finish. While it seems moisturizing on the face, I prefer the higher pigmentation of the Cream Cheek Clear.
And look at the ribbon and the gem cut window, there is something very Sailor Moon silver crystal brooch about it. If my memory serve, Apple Mango Parfait and Raspberry Float were from a swap with Dalenna years and years ago and Raspberry Float (one below) were purchased later when the brand made it permanent. 
04 Blood Cranberry is a deep magenta that spreads into a juicier pink flush. 
This color is more flush-like and less dolly compared to Raspberry Float.
Swatches of the lip and cheek gel I have. See that really dewy finish. It might be a god sent during winter. I like them but my heart still belongs to cream cheek. 


  1. I am with you - I think I like Cream Cheek better. The "clear" ones are especially gorgeous. I wanted Clear Ruby Cherry for a while but it kinda slipped away, I guess (I just saw it priced at close to $160 on Amazon ;o)

    1. Yup clear Ruby cherry was a really expensive-looking shade. I actually wish they rerelease 02 and 04 (the pink isn't as bright as the later Raspberry Gelato). Btw there is a Teso in Flushing that has multiple full displays of Canmake stuff (they have most except limited balm Rouge)...I think a Ktown location is opening soon so you will be able to swatch them.

  2. Me too. I like the Cream Cheeks better though that doesn't stop me from collecting these Lip & Cheek Gels ^.^

    Btw the Cream Cheeks have 2.2g of product and these Gels have just 1.5g each.

    1. Thanks! I guess I can deal with 2.2g....
      Now stila convertible color seem humongous in comparison.

    2. Stila IS humongous in comparison. That's why I stopped buying them xD

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