Cezanne Color Tint Lips in CT3 and CT4

Hello friends, how is the weather at your place? We are having a weirdly warm weekend (around 70s/ 20 Celsius). To cool down a little, let me dig out some goodies from last year. Well, one year is actually a pretty good turnaround time in my book (the downside is that the "trendy products or shades are no longer relevant).  

Looking at the makeup trends in Japan, 2019 was a year for indie, smaller brands : Big conglomerates like Shiseido, Kose and Kanebo started to get boring and repetitive with their counter and drugstore brands (Even the edgy Addiction lost its creator Ayako). In the other hand, newer brands like Whomee, Celvoke and Three (not new but it doesn't share the same style of other department store brands).

 Cezanne, the super budget lines is doing its own thing, releasing just a few items each season. The items are just a few bucks each (same price as fast food meal) but they all have good reputation.
The Color Tint lips is a range of liquid lip color that seemed relatively popular (at least there was always some sold out shades in store). I grabbed two during my first trip to Tokyo.
CT3 is a mauve red with that is intense like lipstick. The texture is like a heavier water. Not at all drying like Korean lip tint or vinyl (like American lip lacquer).
I have no idea why I got the shade but looking back a year later...Yup this is an auntie mauve. Actually I found it less dated (and potentially more chic burgundy if my lip color isn't so purple to start with).
The Cezanne color tint lip leaves an even allover tint if I wipe off the gloss but it's not super hard to remove with soapy water.
CT4 was the newer release back in late 2018...The trendy burnt pumpkin is (was?) on trend and admittedly already outdated.
After blotting, there is an allover light stain that doesn't further dry out my lips. Apparently I didn't make the connection that "lip tint" means long lasting stain but luckily no magenta stain. I think these are pretty good products to add bold color and a bit of shine. For the price (even after the international markup), it's great item to toss into bag. Not a must have though.


  1. May be it's my computer screen but the burnt pumpkin looks pretty nice actually!

    1. It doesnt look bad...just these kind of shades date like carbon 13....

    2. LOL! True, like blue lip glosses, or glittery top coat lipsticks, etc.

  2. I've never gotten the hype on Glossier. Like everyone is dying to get their claws on Glossier except for me. Nothing stands out or appeals to me. I don't even read Into The Gloss anymore. You?

    1. I am a glossier hater haha(Their aesthetics are pleasant, their products aren't bad actually, but overpriced). I am just sick of seeing those people with their own links(if readers buy from the link they get credit " but I am totally not a glossier rep!") advertising for their mediocre products that they don't need to pay for.

      For 5-8 bucks glossier are great(for $0 they are amazing!) but at $15 or more those are kind crap even compared to low end Japanese brand (1/4 the price). Hopefully it will be gone after young millennials get older/distracted by new shiny brands.

    2. I maybe reads into the gloss once a year (if someone links a really cringey articles) otherwise I don't care what a random girl is using on their face...


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