Tuesday, November 05, 2019

Tom Ford Eyeshadow Quad in Pretty Baby

If you stopped by this blog for a few minutes, you would know I have no problem paying (what sane people consider)a ridiculous price for eyeshadow palettes. Believe it or not, I actually draw a boundary somewhere around $70 (limited Japanese palette with special packaging and shipped from other side of globe)and stayed away from purely luxury sort of brands. At $88 a pop, Tom Ford was something I never really looked at (I have two of their lipsticks and thought the quality is rather sub par). When the brand released several new shades last fall, I was drawn to the quad Pretty Baby, a demure combo of dusty rose taupe, purple and hot pink glazing... During 
 Sephora's sale last year, it became a little more reasonable (still pricier than Suqqu). 
The compact is hefty and regal-looking, there is a suede bag that already turned into a dust magnet. 
Quality wise, the eyeshadow compact is better made than their lipstick, no visible wield line or chipped paint. The applicator's sponge isn't great (still a bit porous and crumbly) and the synthetic hair of brush is too sleek (that it's doesn't blend or pick up powder well) but I general have zero expectation on these sponge tips from western brands.
I LOLed when I saw this. As much as they tried to make it sound luxurious European made- they still choose to make the packaging (the most expensive part of most cosmetics) in China. I am certain if I take the compact apart (like when I depotted Bobbi Brown shimmer Brick few years ago) there will be more "made in China" in the interior. 

 I mean at $88 they sure can afford to have it made somewhere that's more favorable ? (For the last few months, the news I read/heard just made China seems like the most evil entity ever) 
Let's look at the palette! Pretty Baby consist of four shades - three of which are medium-deep (there is no lighter base or highlight). The upper left is a gorgeous rosy taupe (it has a bit of brown, beige, taupe and mauve rose) it's a smooth satiny shade that defines and brightens (it's very unique in my stash). 

Upper right is a medium taro purple with some pearly bits, somehow it turns near matte and muddy as soon as it's on my lids. I had to use it very sparingly or it will just smudge the whole look. In fact, I found the best way to deal with the shade is to ditch it altogether.

Lower right is a brown with a reddish sheen - It's again a little patchy and ruddy.  It's pretty but I can't incorporate it into any look I like. 

Lower Left is another stunner - A clear rose with fuchsia-teal duochrome isn't exactly unique (Aritaum, Topshop and Urban Decay all have their own version), this glossy top coat on pretty baby is the most densely pigmented but also the smoothest of  its kind.  You can get an impactful look just by itself or layer it on top of the main rosy beige, to add more dimension.
(The swatches is rotated to the left) - But you can see how pretty the rose beige lid shade and top coat are.  You can  sort of see how the purple and brown are kind of patchy and potentially muddy.
Just a simple look with the two workable shades on me. While Pretty Baby has pretty good quality, two pans that are amazingly unique, the whole palette isn't well coordinated enough (they texture on the purple and brown could be better). I don't regret getting it but I will probably spend the big bucks on other high end brand next time. 


  1. Ooohh that sparkling top wash is gorgeous! But you're right, I probably won't spend that much on an eye palette either ^.^

    1. I was thinking if they sell them as singles I might get it but then, tom ford singles are $35 ouch...

    2. For that price, I'd much rather go for Japanese high end ^.^

  2. I don't own any TF make up but all I know is that it is owned by Estee Lauder, so it's probably just a high end version of Estee Lauder...

  3. Waow I just got the Soleil et Lune in the white packaging!
    The pigmentation is really disappointing but I will play with it. I don't think I'd ever pay that much again for eyeshadow unless I knew someone with a 30%+ discount


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