Saturday, September 28, 2019

Exaggereyes - Charlotte Tilbury Bigger Brighter Eyes

Nowadays it seems that every star, makeup artist and celebrity makeup artist (oh and their third cousin) is (cashing in their fame by) having their own makeup line. Long before "having your own beauty line" was a cool thing to do, there were some makeup artists who are in the beauty industry (formulating cosmetic) for years. 

I remember first hearing about Charlotte Tilbury products years ago (from Essiebutton, when she was still somewhat relatable/not a Lancome rep). Back then it CT wasn't readily available and I didn't really pay attention to western highend brands. Long story short, I would have never paid attention to Charlotte Tilbury if it weren't for my favorite Chinese bloggers 蚊子雯子 Wenzi Wenzi (who is only active on Weibo and Wechat now).

 Wenzi is a lover of Japanese palettes and she doesn't limit herself to certain price point. She recommended everything from Canmake, Visee to the pricier Suqqu or Three. In the past, I have gotten many palettes based on her recommendation and they never failed to be wearable and flattering. A few months ago, I saw her raving about a Charlotte Tilbury quad, I had never tried the brand but I was sold on the spot. 
The much raved palette was Charlotte Tilbury Bigger Brighter Eyes in Exaggereyes - It was one of the two limited edition palette from last holiday, later made permanent thanks to its popularity. The compact is small and good for travel - there is no applicator (great since I don't find those freebie sponge from western brands usable). 
The plastic used is a little cheap and prone to scratch and wear (most Estee Lauder brands have their packaging made in China anyway). The product itself more than make up for it. 
Upper left - A light golden beige that's soft and easy to blend. Instead of being a frosty white, it melts into skin and only look like a soft gold glow. 

Upper Right - A brownish bronze taupe - This look strong and metallic but can be blend down into a semi clear bronze veil.

Bottom right - A maple matte brown with soft and smooth texture. It's incredibly pigmented but can be blended down without smearing into a large area or turn muddy. Each of the three shades can be worn by itself or layered, the end result is enhanced and never heavy or dirty. 
Bottom left is a silvery glitter top coat in a taupe brown base. It's starry without being allover the place. 
Charlotte Tillbury Exaggereyes - wearing it the usual gradation way. Golden beige as a base, bronze brown on lid, matte maple on outer corner. Glitter top coat on the center of eyes. I used finger this time as I was lazy.
Exaggereyes is everything I like about Japanese quad (but with a stronger pigmentation)  - Wearable, not heavy and layered easily. Instead of a heavy powdery look, this really gives bigger brighter eyes. This must be the first western brand palette that I have worn more than three times. 
A lighter swatch of Exaggereyes (on drier skin). Even though the packaging isn't sleek enough, this is a very well designed quad that's on par with similarly priced Japanese ones.

 Hmmm, should I get a backup? 


  1. I just got my first Suqqu palette! Love it

    I always look at the Charlotte Tilbury palettes but then I read the reviews and people have bad things to say. Hmmm

    1. Which shade did you get?

      I cant comment much on CT but exxagereyes was a well cordinated one!

    2. I got Yuushakuyaku, pretty neutral light gold, light pink, taupe and brown all with a sheen. I am contemplating getting some other high end quads but I feel like I would just get neutral colors haha

    3. That's a good choice! I reach for boring neutral a lot(but mostly it's drugstores onces like visee). I am dabbling into trendier brands like three and celvoke but they don't look that out there. I actually prefer those understated color schemes now.


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