Friday, September 06, 2019

Dior Addict Lip Glow in Berry

Another overdue review from spring of 2017 - Since I am almost finished with the Dior lip glow in Lilac, I feel like the purchase was somewhat justified.
The shade Berry was added early 2017 (and the range just kept adding on new shades) 
Berry is a slightly muted wine with a bit of a bitten/vintage vibe. 
A sheer layer looks subtle and flattering and the thick balm formula is nourishing and perfect for winter. When it comes to plumping (by moisturizing) up lip lines and soaking up dead skin, the Dior Lip Glow is more effective than Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment (admittedly it's also much more expensive). 
Well, the lovly vintage berry look lasts for 30 seconds...Quickly replaced by grandma magenta and it gets bolder the longer it's on. While the clown mouth is a little too much for work or play, I enjoy putting it on at home, the texture is just very comforting to put on. 
I got the Lip Glow Pomade around the same time. It's a lip cream with the same scent (but more playdoh like when it's in fluid form) and a gummy applicator. 
 I supposed the pomade can turn pink (the residue on the applicator turns pink after a  while) but it's barely noticeable on the lips. The pomade is soothing on the lip but nothing amazing to worth the high end price. 


  1. I had the original color and ended up using it although I didn't love it at all. It's a weird animal. The color is quite warm and not very flattering on me but I did like the slight stickiness that made the color last longer. I was wondering about the Berry and Lilac shades but I guess I'd buy a few more Suqqu extra glow lipsticks instead.

    (Speaking of Suqqu, I am doing it soon. Let me know if you want something from Selfridges!)

    1. Lilac looks really cute (noticeably lilac but not a sickening type)before grandma magenta takes over...Suqqu is much nicer anyway.

      Oh...let me hop onto their site, too bad hikaribore is sold out though...

    2. Oh? it is still available!

    3. Then add me on your next order, I might want a lipstick too as well...

    4. Email me with links when you can! ( :)

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  3. I got the coral one a few years ago and enjoy it but don't think it's amazing, it's just a nice/easy product to have haha


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