Thursday, August 08, 2019

Mulled Wine - Shiro Ginger Lip Butter

Ever since its American debut last year, I have become quite fond of the natural brand Shiro - Not only it's one of the few true Japanese brands that I can play with in person. Aside from their body care range that's generally simple and pleasant to use, I also like the aesthetic of their makeup line (the box and packaging both reminds me of the chic brand Three). 
After playing with some of the testers, my first purchase was one of the ginger lip butter - I made up the name Mulled Wine, all of their lipstick have hard to remember code and this one is 7H03. 
There is 5g of product in each tube and due to its nature, it's only good for 6 months after opening. The price is somewhat high at around 37 bucks but I find it more worthy compared other luxury Western brands. I really like the textured plastic tube with gray cap and the brand might change it to shiny black plastic this fall (while expanding their color makeup range). 
Ingredient list - You can see lots of plants extracts, moisturizing oil and squalane. The gloss has a ginger scent that's quite warming and comforting. 
7H03 is a mulled wine (or dusty mulberry) without any shimmer particle - It's juicy, interesting but rather naturally wearable for everyday. After having gotten it, I see it frequently on Japanese craft books (as a prop for hand made pouch) and lifestyle magazines. 
Shiro 7H03 - I like how it's visibly berry but doesn't lean hot pink or magenta. The formula is very moisturizing with ginger that plumps by promoting circulation.  A similar Western counterpart would be Bite's Agave Lip Mask (at $26 for 15g, Bite is affordable, juicier, thicker/harder to spread during winter and a little numbing on me). 
Shiro 7H03 - While I wound't say it looks expensive, I do like the shade and how it feels (there is no goopy feel or plastic taste). I liked the formula enough to have gotten two more. 


  1. Intriguing. Too bad I can't get to the NYC store anytime soon :(

    1. It's strange that they don't have online sale here (but I guess for indie brand they have to have enough supply for physical store.

      One thing I noticed is that the American price is lower than Japanese and UK retail. Kind of nice that I can just buy the heavy body milk locally.


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