Tuesday, August 06, 2019

Black Radiance Brilliant Effect Lip Gloss in Black Diamond

I know I have an awful lot of toys but believe a lot, I actually make an attempt to only buy products I reach for again. This lip gloss is an exception: I was at Duane Reade (next to Chinatown, needing cash for all the yummy food) and wanted buy something to get cash back, instead of paying for overpriced bottle water, I decided to go for cheapest item I could find - And this was it. Black lip gloss on clearance for around a dollar. It has been years since I last purchased anything Black Radiance and being under the same company as Wet n Wild, I remember they made some nice sheer red stain in a unique and moisturizing formula. 
Brilliant Effect Lip Gloss in Black Diamond is a milky black gloss with chunky glitter - Applicator is shit and the hair is going allover the place but for the price (cheaper than ATM plus bank fee), I am not complaining. 
The pigmentation is urgh quite good and glitter just looks like fish scale. The gloss has a jammy jelly texture that's moisturizing and non-sticky - and weirdly, quite even and moisturizing on the lips. 
I will never call this wearable (But still- if they remove the chunky glitter I can see myself being a goth for a day) but the formula is actually quite nice - I would consider getting another one if there is something that's free of shimmer. 

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