Sunday, July 21, 2019

Jill Stuart Lip Blossom in 38 Tulip Red

Famed/notorious for its overkill princess packaging, Jill Stuart actually underwent several small design changes, toning down the complex designs in the last two years (now looking back, they probably did it to prepare their grand entry into US market). When the whole lip blossoms was revamped back in Fall 2017, I just shrugged and snubbed it altogether as I much prefer the previous design. 

Anyway, I do have a habit of collecting limited edition tubes so when I saw there is a Sakura collection coming out, I jumped right onto it (it's $24 in the US vs the 2800 yen in Japan, making it as affordable as many Japanese drugstore lippies). I mean, who doesn't like girly pink tubes?
When I received it, I almost thought I got the permanent one by mistake...But since it came with a pink rhinestone (instead of a clear one) and floral box, I realized that pink tinge is just faint that you will only notice it if you compare it with the silver interior. 
This is what the promo look like. Out of the three shades available, only the lip balm is new while 33 Cherry Blossom and 38 Tulip Red were taken from the permanent lines. If I have known that it's 95% like the permanent shade, I probably wouldn't have gotten it. 
Instead of the old gem cut (that I prefer), new lip blossom has a smooth surface with a J on it (sorry, nicked it while I opened the cap). I supposed they are also using a new mold since previous Jill Stuart/Visee contain a whooping 5grams while new one contains 3.8 grams. 
New one has a rhinestone as its belt buckle. 
On top the flip out mirror has four flowers. The coating on the plastic is very tough and resistant from chipping. While the simpler design doesn't look half bad, I just don't like it has become chubbier. 
38 Tulip Red is a pinkish red with clear pigmentation. There is a pleasant peachy floral scent, no taste and there is a tiny bit of creamy opacity (that's not white cast) the color is bold but still juicy and wearable. 

Beside kicking out white base, another major improvement of the new lip blossom is that now it's no longer pretend-moisturizing (a slippy wet gloss that sits on top and doesn't penetrate into skin, characteristic of many western high end lipsticks). 
A few minutes in, it actually quenches my lips, making it plump and comfortable. I want to hate on the packaging but the texture actually became so good!
While I am at it, here is a review of Jelly Lip Gloss in 04 Baby Petal (got it from a eBay seller while buying something else). I assume it's ancient since the jelly lip gloss from 2015 already got a different design.
Baby Petal is just a tacky pale pink gloss with soft gold and pink sparkle. It's typical of older Jill Stuart lip product, nothing special at that price. 
38 Tulip Red and 04 Baby Petal 
Gloss on top of the lipstick. While I am really impressed by the formula and wear, I am not going to repurchase another one from permanent range. Their line up full of girly pinks while lacking warm, juicy and mellow shades. If you like these cooler shades, the new lip blossom is worth a look. 


  1. Oh man, you make me want to give JS another chance...but then I remember the princess packaging ^.^"

    1. I am eyeballing the red and rosy beige from their fall collection (it's also got a vintage brown tube). I have a little tester palette for the lip blossom and the improved formula is consistent in all 10 shades! They are all super moisturizing, wearable and no white base even on lighter shades! I almost wanted another clear blue pink...if it werent for that new chubby princess wand.

  2. I just saw Beautylish carries their lippies for $24. Cheaper than I thought! Maybe I should get one...

    1. Their official site has sale or free shipping all the time, I am kicking myself for getting one of their eyeshadow at narita duty free because it's a few bucks cheaper here! Anyway, I am waiting for their fall 2019 collection, maybe one of the shade wont be as pink...

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