Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Flowfushi Lip 38ºC Treatment in Coral Orange and Coral Pink

Flowfushi is one of the newer, independent (not owned by big conglomerate) line that's extremely popular on Japanese social media. Initially the brand focused mostly on eye products (eyeliner, mascara and lash essence) and slowly added some base makeup bit by bit. Having been a frequent price winner for its liquid eyeliner, it made another big splash on social media with the Lip 38ºC lip treatment. 

Their concept was that at 38 degree Celsius (I suppose surrounding temperature, because 38 in the body means fried cells) is when the skin on the lips at best condition. The collection is a range of lip essence by either raising or lowering "temperature" visually, bringing its closer to the optimal stage. There are five shades available +5ºC Coral Orange, +3ºC Coral Pink, +1ºC Baby Pink, +0ºC Crystal and -2ºC Ice Green. This sounds a little gimmicky but I like trying out new lip gloss so I got two.
+5ºC Coral Orange is a juicy tiger lily with very fine microsparkle. The bend applicator is unique and effective but with my own habit of loading on lip product, I need to re dip once or twice. 
The texture of the lip treatment is first of its kind: A very light weight watery gel that's incredibly hydrating and surprisingly long lasting. Normally a watery gloss just evaporates in minutes, Flowfushi lip treatment stays moisturizing for more than 2 hours and gradually fades into a comforting thin balm (like a good sheer lipstick). 
Bare lips for reference 
The finish is glassy but not thick and I love the dose of color. It's very light but makes a visible amount of color, just enough to look lively and healthy (without broadcasting "She is wearing pink lip gloss!"). This is sheerer than most other Japanese lip gloss but still managed to look naturally enhancing. 
 +3ºC  Coral pink is a lovely guava pink with a touch of creamy opacity (not milky or white) there is no shimmer and the color seems very natural and wearable. 
Before and after in the same picture, this shows how dried my lips can get and how Lip 38ºC instantly makes my lip healthier (with zero sting, weird taste, heat or cooling sensation). 
Coral Pink is my preferred shade of the two (it's more natural and I prefer shimmer free lip products) but I reach for both shades equally, depends on whatever I reach first in the morning. The brands has since released several limited editions shades in different swirly designs, a white and black to adjust to lipsticks. Anyway, if they release a sheer berry/cherry/strawberry red in this formula I will be so happy.

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