Monday, June 10, 2019

Jill Stuart Matte Chiffon Lips in Sweet Memory

Jill Stuart Matte Chiffon Lips was part limited edition from spring 2015 collection,  when I saw it on clearance a year later, I thought I could add another limited edition tube to my collection. And funnily, this turned out highly collectible(utterly unwearable) just like the two limited Rouge My Dress.  
The Matte Chiffon Lips is molded exactly like the previous generation of Lip Blossom, with pillar like structure that reminds me of Greek architecture and stuff from Sailor Moon (then again the whole Jill Stuart line up is very Sailor Moon). 
Instead of silver coating, this collection has a ceramic white paint allover that makes it less of a fingerprint magnet and more scratch-resistant (the metallic coating is good enough already). 
The top also has a pop up mirror, very useful for touch up. You won't catch me retouching in public (not because of the packaging)...
There is a pink rhinestone on top (regular occurrence for their limited edition lipstick).
Sweet Memory is a warm pink without visible shimmer. The texture isn't like the drying matte from western brands, but a light but sheer chiffon texture. It's creamy to touch and looks somewhat pasty. 
On the lips, this is yet another blue pink with a very prominent white base (It didn't look half bad because it was pretty warm day with 90% humidity or dry day it felt like smearing frosting allover my mouth.

 I kept getting lured by their limited edition packaging but they all ended up looking like this Barbie pink of doom.


  1. I think I've had my fair share of barbie pink of doom as well LOL!

    1. I know right, what's with Jill Stuart and their white based pink lipsticks....

  2. Quick question have you been to Korea? If so how was it? How does it compare to Japan?

    1. I haven't been there yet (would like to visit some day though). People in Korea tend to be taller that's all I can think of?


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