Saturday, June 15, 2019

Innisfree Vivid Creamy Tint

If you keep up with Korean beauty brands new releases, you probably know that brands love doing cartoon collaboration. I don't actively follow those press releases but they are allover the Asian beauty sub reddit and are always upvoted to top with hundreds of upvotes. 

Anyway, todays review was for a limited edition from last spring. The Snoopy collection was for Valentine's day and Lunar New Year (Year of dog). How could I resist when the tube looks adorable?
The Vivid Lip Color in 03 is a lip tint in a fashiony (so of the moment kind of trendy that it goes out of style almost immediately) mix of just brown and red. 
The color is very bright, straight-forward (it lacks complexity) and has a watery gel texture. It's a tricky color to wear that if I go over the paint part just by a little, the coverage and stain instantly becomes uneven.
Well it's might as well be the most uneven lip tint in the most disgusting lip color I have worn in recent memory (Even the clown brights from Bite and Suqqu have to step aside) For something that cost me $12, it looks like something sold in Chinese flea market for 5RMB ($0.7).
This particular color looks extremely cheap and plasticky. To be fair it could be I am too old to pull them off (Then again the lip Tints from Cezanne and Canmake are half the price and don't look this bad). Anyway, I usually tried several times and not publish any swatch pictures that are downright nasty (usually means avoid swatching on bloody-mouth days) but I don't want to deal with this any more. 
The stain it leaves is patchy as hell and will not come off. This made me especially angry because it if were other clown brights, I could just wipe them off before heading outdoor, but this piece of crap just ruined my mood for the whole day. 


  1. Awww the red is really beautiful! Sucks to hear the stain is patchy!

    1. The gloss itself is uneven as well, probably like the Mamonde tint that gives you gradient lips by default...I hate that feature.


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