Thursday, June 20, 2019

Esprique Rouge Glace in RD407 Rosehip Tea

More (way overdue) lippie review - Esprique Rouge Glace in Rosehip Tea was from a limited edition from fall 2017. The whole collection was inspired by cappuccino and featured various shades a warm brown and red beige. The small lipstick were 2300yen a piece (so pretty much the same as high end Jill Stuart but it's still a drugstore brand), not dirt cheap but it comes with the pretty high quality.
RD407 is the darkest shade of the collection. A deep red beige with silver frost that's not tacky (as it's enclosed in a very high gloss and moisturizing formula).
While deep, the color is very clear and glossy. The red also becomes more apparent. 
On the lip (my undertone on lip is very purple that things turn much cooler) RD407 becomes a lovely dried rose/azuki bean. I can never achieve that look with most "neutral" rose on the market but now I know I just have to look for red beige instead. 


  1. that is a gorgeous color! count me intrigued!

    1. This is an excellent range as long as you go for the deeper (still wearable) shades, price isn't too cheap though and the volume is pretty small. I kind of want another sheer red from them.

  2. Have you tried Clarins Double Serum before? I'm kinda curious because my face is really dry due to winter here.

    1. No I haven't, I actually haven't tried many highend skincare items. Drunk Elephant C Firma was the only highend I loved enough to repurchase many times but I just stopped using it because it oxidized so I am using $12 Rohto melano CC (same form of vitamin c but drying) for the humid summer. It works just as well and it stays fresh forever with its clever packaging.

      And I use Haba white lady for winter (this half the price of DE still rather effective and gentle)...


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