Sunday, May 26, 2019

Cezanne Tone Up Eye Shadow in 06 Orange Cassis

Under the same parent company (Ida Laboratory) as Canmake. Cezanne is another brand with impeccable quality at a dirt cheap price. I actually consider it notably better than Canmake while being suitable for work environment. 

I first noticed their eyeshadow when a Chinese blogger I like (can't link since she is only active on Weibo and Wechat) hit pan on their Rose Brown trio (yup I have that), upon further research I saw something that's eerily similar to a palette I own and love.

Composed of a sheer golden beige, juicy orange coral and grape purple. Cezanne Tone Up Eyeshadow is extremely similar to the trio of from Suqqu's summer 2015 collection, Benikakesora (reviewed here).
Despite the striking similarity (and the fact that Orange Cassis was released September of 2015, four months after Suqqu), I don't consider it ripoff since the pairing of orange  coral and plum has been done many times by other brands like Nars (Kuala Lumpur), Visee (glossy rich eyes PK-3) and Shiseido (Beach Sand). Since each company has its particular formula of eyeshadow, the same combo can look completely distinct once all shades are layered together.
Anyway for Cezanne Orange Cassis - The powder is smooth and fine 
The simplest way I wear Orange Cassis is use Orange as lid shade, beige allover the orange to add a bit of gloss (if the base is worn as a base, it mutes the color down) then use plum as a liner. 

 Unlike Suqqu, where the colors are clear and they melt together like watercolor (very much like the summer sunset), Cezanne has a conventional dry powder that is good enough for layering but much easier to control if you want to keep the plum somewhat opaque and closer to lashline.
The whole palette isn't super pigmented (all three shades show up very well) but it gives a juicy fruity feel that's great for summer. 
In here the plum is also blended with the orange, creating a antique plummy bronze. 
While the packaging is simple, it's less flimsy than Canmake and the double sided sponge is perfectly usable! I use the larger side for orange, pointy side for plum and just use finger to layer highlight on top. 
Orange Cassis on top and Suqqu Benikakesora at the bottom. I enjoy both but find Cezanne a little easier to maneuver. 

Speaking of Suqqu copy cat, I noticed many other brand are drawing inspiration from them. 
Suqqu's 2018 summer palettes of Akenatsu and Himawari that were quite hard to find but for people who missed out, the lovely juicy combo were resurrected by the niche brand Etvos. 
 Spring 2019 Vitamin Sorbet (This one popped up a lot in Japanese magazines)
Pink Float...Now I am kind of regretting not looking for them at Tokyu Hand on my last trip.  The funny part is that the homage doesn't stop here. The two palettes are being referenced again by Celvoke, in their fall 2019 collection... 
Gotta admit that the creative of Suqqu really got some chops (the Tokyo team, their UK collection are totally different species). Anyway, now I hope some brand can (hopefully drugstore) will dupe Toukiyou's vibrant carrot and icy blue duochrome...


  1. I have Himawari and love it, but they're recycling the hot pink one too many times for me :(


    1. I got it as well (only this spring) and only with a small markup when ebay had a 15% off code. But I missed out Toukiyou altogether...I think it was Chinese resellers in Japan hoarded them all.

    2. I went for Genkouakane instead of Toukiyou because the shade-shifting white-blue was a bit much for me ^.^"

  2. I am pretty happy with the Canmake eyeshadows I recently bought (I really can't fault them even at the slightly marked up price) and now I am tempted to try some Cezanne thanks to you! ;p The orange color sits quite beautifully on the skin and looks very pretty on you.

    1. I bought a rose brown (similar to yosaizora) first that was very wearable! While at Tokyo I got the warm gold brown because it had a label saying its the best seller in that store (Tokyu Hand at Shinjuku Takashimaya)and it's nice as well but Orange Cassis has the smoothest texture.


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