Friday, April 12, 2019

Who Needs Host Club when you got Cat Cafe?

Hello peeps, long time no see! I suppose nobody noticed the hiatus since there are like 8 people reading this blog. I have been back from my mini vacation to Japan (yup again, for the sakura season) so let's finishing posting pictures from my last trip. 

Since it was my first time in Japan and being overwhelmed and unfamiliar, I had no plan (I never plan trip actually) and just ended up doing train-hopping. Basically I was on Yamanote line (the loop line of Japan Railway East that passes through all the major towns in Tokyo) everyday and if I see a town I was interested in, I get off and start walking. That one evening I stopped by the Harajuku station, which was fairly close to the northern area I was staying. 
The first thing I see as I got off Takeshita street was this sign, a cat cafe! Of course a first time traveller had to get in. The price at Cat Cafe Mocha wasn't too bad, something like 350 yen for vending machine drink then 200 yens for every 10 minutes. The final price is capped at 2400 yens or so, I would I stayed longer but it was already almost 7pm when I got in and they close at 8. 
Anyway, I took a few dozens (maybe 100+) pictures while I was there
This one looks like a human boy
Long long cat
Looking a little sad
An ipad showing all cats and their names. They should hire me to do their portraits...(Blowing my own horn here) My phone camera pictures are way cuter. 
Sad girl
Sleeping beauty. 
While I was taking pictures of the sleeping ragdoll, an orange cat came by...
Followed by a fluffy snowboot
Cat fights...
I packed two of my Urban Outfitter (clearance find) gingham dress, because I don't need to pack extra bra with them...I think I will try to make one with this pattern because Urban Outfitter stuff don't have the best stitching or fabrics.
Majestic lion
Butt sniffer
I guess 7 is their nap time...It was perfect for first time tourist but I am not inclined to revisit, I feel like street cats got more characters and are free to touch (plus I can use the 1800 yens or so on other stuff). 
Apparently Harajuku is known for these crepes. What really threw me off is that they have two dozens of the exact same crepe stores on one street (and don't get me started on their Chinatown), which just eradicated my desire to buy from any of them.
There is a Daiso there
Makeups are meh
The Etude House store was really cute, and slow...
Why do they need two store fronts within 20 yards of each other?
There was also an Innisfree (the pretend natural brand). The particular area was nice to visit (for once) but you are not missing out if you don't. For a fashiontown the "stylish-ness" is really quite repetitive and boring. Maybe I am just too old...


  1. Adorable kitties!!! I like the fat Siamese ^.^ And I've been in that Daiso a few times. Each time, most of the shelves with the good stuff were cleared out. Did you try any Baskin Robbins while you were there? My favorite flavor is Nuts to You and it's only available in Japan.

    1. Sadly I haven't tried most of the American branch there for a stupid reason...It takes me more than a few seconds "spelling out" the menu item written in katakana, isn't that a newbie gaijin problem...I feel like I might as well be reading cryrillic)...Reading Chinese dishes name made me well (Even people in chukagai there don't speak Chinese, what is the deal...They are integrating into Japanese culture too strictly).

    2. Did you like any of the Chinese dishes you had there at Chukagai?

    3. Oh lordy don't get me started...I was so put off by the Chinatown last time and didn't want to visit again...But during my recent vidit, I was down at Kamakura and going back north, I stopped by again when I saw Yohohama station.

      I got a meal set from one restaurant and I hated it so much (merinated shrimp tasted plain weird, familar dish was worse than prepacked frozen food from Chinese brands) ...Even the Tanghulu on the street looks so half assed. I wander how those places stay in business...

      While in Osaka, I stopped by a northeast Chinese restaurant near Shinsaibashi as well and the cooking is authentic but sucks (worse than my own cooking)...What's with the Chinese food there.

    4. LOL I've been telling people to avoid Chinese food (and Vietnamese and Mexican food too, for that matter) when visiting Japan in general ^.^"

  2. you know what, your photography skills are really great! i've been following since... a very long time ago. before IG and blogs were the only way to find reviews on makeup. i've always appreciated your straight-to-the-point style of reviewing and your photos are always on point. glad you're still going as so many makeup blogs are going defunct and i had to find new ones (i've moved onto fashion, too lol) really love this detour post about your life! i wish i could train-hop, seems an awesome way to explore things... and find cats =p

    1. Thanks for stopping by and sticking around! I always like buying crap (habit I had since I had pocket money) and complaining so I feel like I will do the blog thing for a while longer. I do miss having more blogging friends back in the days (but feel happy for them as they are focusing on their family instead)...Newer makeup bloggers nowadays are so PR-driven it's not fun anymore (well the PR firm only push the brands I don't care for).

      I wish I have the fund to be a travel/makeup blogger around Tokyo area but for now I will just count on my vacation days...Train hopping in Japan was so much fun and affordable I am already planning other trips when the peak season is over!


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