Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Field Swatch - Flowfushi Uzu Eye Opening Liner

If you follow beauty-related accounts on Instagram, you might have noticed Flowfushi's aggressive ad campaign for their Uz(Uzu in Japan) eye opening liners.

Even though I generally like Flowfushi's products (their lip gloss/essence are pretty neat), I found the whole Unframe the Beauty campaign obnoxious and a bit off-putting. Dude you are just selling colorful eyeliners, do you have to make it sound like you are doing some ground breaking, empowering stuff in the beauty industry? 

Is technology and craftsmanship from Japan no longer cut it that you have to mark it as " Wisdom from Outer Space"? 

Anyway, I was in Japan when the full range launched so I did a field swatch while wandering around drugstores. At least they didn't have of the Glossier approach of PR in Japan (making a big deal out of fairly average products). 
So the overall performance of these are same as the previous version Moteliner - Waterproof, Sweat/Oil proof (I assume they will stay equally well on the eyes) and easily removable with warm water. Beside the Orange and Yellow that leave a yellow stain, all other shades can be rinsed off  with no trace. 

For the black and near black (that I don't usually wear because of lack of lid space) I like the Gray and the Khaki was one of the shades that popped. For a "boring brown" this shade is really unique mix of brown, green and yellow in a slightly clear base. 

Burgundy and Purple are also popular (since the testers are drying out already) as they both have a raspberry tone to them. There wasn't a tester for the navy shade so no swatch. 
The brights and pastel were initially on my to-buy list but it's not as mind blowing once swatched - The orange has an unpleasant carrot tone (it also stains yellow) and light blue is a weird medium clear blue (not the opaque baby blue I expected).Hot Pink is cool but a been here done that from NYX and Urban Decay. Both yellow and white use a bouncy felt tip instead of brush and are quite opaque. If the white cracks on my hand (it did), it will definitely crack on my lids. 

At 16 dollars a piece (1500 yens in Japan), I would say the range is fairly competitive in US market (welp the only other brand I can think of, with same price point, similar products and the same target demographic is...Glossier).

Anyway, I personally prefer its arch-rival msh Loveliners (the shades are more fun/edited but work-friendly).


  1. I have literally fallen off the bandwagon. I haven't worn any makeup for the past 2-3 weeks because I got sick. I'm recovered but still got stubborn phlegm and snot and my face looks beat up. All i been doing is cleansing and moisturising then sunscreen and I'm out the door, I've been using Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Fluid and the popular La Roche Posay Ultra light Fluid because they are alcohol based fast absorbing. LRP is kinda overrated it's not that great- it just has better UVA filters than the regular Avobenzone varieties. It's fast absorbing but still feels kinda sticky and filmy. They apparently reformulated it this year but we haven't got the new formula yet. Same with Neutrogena. I guess these 2 are my "sick day" sunscreen lolz. I'm over makeup too, haven't bought any new stuff although I have some new Lancome and Dior on my wishlist but other than that I'm done. I literally yawn when I'm at the counters.

  2. Actually I checked again and the Dior 3 Couleur Trioblique shadows that i was lemming are limited edition and cost $63USD...woah how much is it gonna cost in AUD? Probably $100+...nah gonna skip it and wait for the new Lancome Hypnose shadows. Dior is annoying they do soooo many limted editions, just to make a quick buck and appear new & trendy. They just want you to get FOMO and buy more.

  3. Speaking of La Roche Posay I saw on Instagram they have vitamin c serum with 10% ascorbic acid. Isn't 15% the gold standard? Everyone is now hopping on the vitamin c bandwagon lolz. Everyone wants to copy Skinceuticals, DE, Timeless etc.

    1. I know right, this spring we got so many like from tatcha and Dr Dennis Gross...I was tempted by one from Glow recipe (KBeauty brand that's shaped like a Pineapple) then I have to remind myself vitamin c is hit or miss (i tried almost a dozen and the two I like are drunk elephant and haba)and kbeauty usually doesnt work for me...


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