Saturday, March 23, 2019

Kiss Duo Eyes in 11 Poissons

If you are keeping track of my palette reviews, you will know that I usually buy whatever I have heard about online and whatever that's available from etailers (the two categories overlap by quite a bit). While I don't necessarily love everything I bought, I found most of them wearable, something that I see myself wearing. When I went to Japan last winter, I finally got a chance to try some makeup first hand with no prior knowledge...

The Kiss Duo Eyes is my second of that purchase (after that Sweets Sweets palette that was straight up mud) and it made me realize that...There is a reason that I don't hear about them on Weibo or Instagram. 

They suck.
Kiss Duo Eyes is a range of Duo Eyeshadow with interesting juicy color and a lovely acrylic case. They are slightly expensive for a small duo but the shades are a little more daring and fun. After swatching many and got underwhelmed, I only got one to play with.

Looking pretty in the pan doesn't mean it will swatch well, eyeshadow that swatch well won't always look great on the eyes either.
I got shade 11 Poissons - An icy mint with a silvery purple. I guess it's kind of oceanic and fish like. The picture doesn't show but it has amazing multi colored shimmer that looks like sparkling sea...And that's it. 
The powder is dry with some fly out and this is how it swatches with some serious digging. 
I like sheer formulation of eyeshadow (sheer as clear and see through) but this powder just happens to be pathetically lacking in pigment.
You can sort of see the purple and blue but it looks like dead flaky skin a few inches away. The powder has no adherence so (Unlike actual dead skin), this layer of powder is gone within half an hour. 
I actually wish it's as pigmented as Esprique select eye color since the two shades are well thought out and very flattering on my "East Asian coloring". You don't see wearable everyday blue for dark brown eyes and yellow skin tone that often. 

Now I learned my lesson, if it's something that you never heard about online...It just means nobody wants to waste their time reviewing it. 


  1. Aww... that's too bad. The purple looked promising in the pan but you're right. It hardly showed at all on your lids!

  2. I bought the new Revlon Colorstay look book palette eyeshadow palette in the purple shade. It was half price $9 so I bought it. It is very soft and buttery and pretty good pigmentation. But it is way too soft and fragile. I dipped my brush into it and already a big chunk fell out. It's made in Canada which is why it's better quality than their previous eyeshadow. A lot of high end eyeshadows are made in Canada (MAC etc), there must be a big eyeshadow factory in Canada. Covergirl and Max Factor eyeshadow are also made in Canada which probably why Revlon took note lolz. And get this it's only 3.4g and there's 8 shades wtf, so that means there's less than 0.5g of shadow each. How cheap is that, they probably couldn't afford the high quality factory and made it as tiny as possible to save $$$. Yeah not going to buy any more shades, I'll save my pennies and buy high end. I'm lemming some Lancome eyeshadow, they got some on sale as they are reformulating their shadows.

    1. Ahhh I hate those super pigmented shadow that kicks out a lot of powder, usually it's really easy to overkill on those and they end up like a big mudd. I finally noticed revlon stopped using that "love is on" slogan but I dont get tempted by the brand any more.

  3. Honestly I'm done with Revlon aside from their staple lipsticks, eyeliners and brushes. Everything else from them has been a letdown. They have stopped using that cheesy love is on slogan but now they moving to "live boldly" because female empowerment is such a trendy buzzword these days, which is just as cheesy.

    I'm still trying to fine tune my skincare routine. The Drunk Elephant C Firma serum is doing good but I still want to incorporate nianicimide into my skincare routine. I'm using Olay serums which have nianicimide but the problem is,that it's hard to make it work under makeup and sunscreen. I want to use niacinamide daily so I can reap the benefits because if I just use it twice a week I won't see any results. The Drunk Elephant C Firma serum is also too emollient to use in the daytime so it's only used at night. I can't combine vitamin c and niacinamide together because they are like cats and dogs,so that means the only time I can use niacinamide is at daytime. Olay make the best affordable nianicimide products so I don't want to look at anything dearer.

    1. It's gonna be winter in Australia so it might get easier for you. (During winter, I wash my face as soon as I get home and put on drunk elephant c firma) a bit later (more than 1 hour) I would put on niacinamide...Actually my current niacinamide (shark sauce) are light enough that I have no problem using them during the day...The biggest skin brightening effect I see was actually from sunscreen.

  4. Yeah I tried the Olay niacinamide again in the morning under my makeup. Just didn't work. Although the serum is really lightweight, it makes my makeup "ball up" and just makes me look really dry. That extra layer of skincare doesn't work well with makeup. I guess I'll just have to use it at night, 3 days a week. If I get my hands on that Lancome vitamin C serum and can get it to work under makeup, I might use that for my morning routine.


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