Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Sweets Sweets Premium Gateau Shadow in Casis Brown

When I saw the promo image for Sweets Sweets fall 2018 collection, I knew I was interested in the new eyeshadow quint 07 Casis Brown. In the sea of drugstore palettes, you don't see many deep, rich hues that resemble a box of chocolate. When I visited Tokyo late fall, I grabbed it without hesitation (deep down I know shades like this are too deep for me, but I trusted Japanese brands ability to make things wearable). 
Delectable isn't it? While the shadow pan come with the intricate details, the compact is kept simple with light weight but rather durable plastic. The gold lining inside just reminds me of those wrapping of expensive chocolates (I am talking with my butt/ imagination as I haven't eaten Chocolate that's expensive). 
The upper left is a golden caramel that (According to the instruction on the back of palette) is meant for allover lid wash. I personally find it way too deep and yellow even as a blending shade. 

Upper right is a reddish copper that's meant for the eye hole (I don't have a pokable eye socket I assume it's the area slightly above eyelid fold). 

Bottom right is a rich pomegranate red with a bit of warm brown base. Blended out it's not too different from the reddish copper above and I don't get a gradation when I layer the two (I  got mud instead). The purple liner is a gorgeous eggplant that leans somewhat ruby and the top wash is a cute warm pink-white.
The coating on the back can sort of work as mirror and the sponge has decent quality (not as good as Majolica Majorca's white sponge but serviceable).
Oh I love looking at the compact!
While the two lightest shades have the same smooth glossy texture, the three deeper shades have the same satiny finish. When used together, it creates one of the biggest mess I have seen.  I mentioned that the caramel base was too deep allover that I can only use it as a base. Layered with the three (otherwise very similar, both tonally and texturally ) lid and liners shade just results a big glob of warm muddy red patch. 

I tried it five times since last Thursday and I had to wipe it off before heading outdoor. I realized the best way to wear the palette is just wear the coppery brown shade by itself. Even so it wasn't redeeming for the 1600 yens price tag. 
Mixing the three biggest pans... My skin was really thin and dry but at least I got sunlight when I came home from work.

Overall, I was actually kind of surprised by it. Because this might be the first poorly designed and utterly unwearable palette I have gotten (that's not some Glitter Bomb from Wet n Wild). I thought things like this doesn't exist in their highly competitive and over saturated market. 


  1. That, or it might have been designed for the ganguro gals who can pull off deeper shades :P

    1. I hope somebody can use this...Maybe it will be the beige-beige of tan skin. I will try again when the weather gets warmer but I feel like it's not well known for a reason. Opera isn't super mainstream either and that brand is so blown up.

  2. How long does the Drunk Elephant C Firma serum last you? I use 2- 2.5 pumps 4 days a week. I tried pretty much all the Tatcha creams- the Indigo cream, the Silk Cream and the Water Cream. I think I'll only rebuy the Indigo cream. The rest are too average and way too overpriced, and I can get Lancome Hydra Zen creams which do same job as Tatcha.

    Speaking of eyeshadow I decided to jump on the bandwagon and got Urban Decay Naked 2 palette lolz. However I'm like 5 years too late, Urban Decay isn't that popular anymore, all the trendy expensive brands like Viseart, Pat McGrath, Anastasia etc have taken over. I'm still lemming for Chanel eyeshadow quads but I think they are reformulating it because all the shades I want are sold out. No use buying something that is getting discontinued soon.

    1. It last me for three month if I use two to three pumps a day (only use at night) but half way through it would oxidized significantly that it's not as effective.

      I tried to like Chanel but their shades arent that flaterring on me. I still have an eyeshadow quad from 2017 that I never touched...maybe it's time to hit ebay.

  3. I had my eye on this before your review and still want it in spite of your pan (two inadvertent bad puns here, sorry). Think I still have it lounging in my yesstyle cart ...

    I found 04 Berry Bread at a much more palatable (ugh) price, so bought it whilst shopping from bed at 1:00 a.m., when at my most vulnerable per usual, lol :)

    I'll report back soon once received from HK :)

    xx Gemma

    1. LOL I was eyeballing that (or the peach gallet or pistache something) and had them hanging for a while...Cassis brown killed my apetite for all of them.

      Actually I have two of their cream shadow as well (they are ok but canmake eye veil are more wearable). I am starting to think I never heard about sweets sweets eyeshadow for a reason.They look off the same way as Shiseido (international) lipsticks do.


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