Saturday, February 16, 2019

Lost in Shinjuku and Tokyu Hands Sighting

Still day two (the day after my arrival) of my Japan trip. After having wandered around Asakusa and Nippori during the day, I decided it's time to go to the "city" aka Shinjuku or Shibuya wherever the neon lights, skyscrapers and shopping malls are.
Despite the efficient public transportation system, it was not easy getting there with my own stupidity. 

At first, Google told me to take JY at Nippori going either clockwise or counter clockwise, I kept circling around the JR (Japan East Railway) Nippori station looking for the station ("This is JR but google said JY, must be a different rail company"). When it appeared that there was only one train station nearby, I got near the ticket machine was shocked by the screen full of options... Luckily, a JR employee heard me cursing (very softly I might add) and promptly offered a helping hand.

All my life I have heard girls (mainly that one high school friend on facebook) going ooh and Ahh over British accent (and how she wanted an Aussie boyfriend...urgh what?), and for that five seconds, I finally get the allure. It was like when the Angel sings, Stephen Fry narrating Harry Potter books, Benedict... Never mind, I still don't get what's so desirable about British accent.
(When I googled Empire State Shinjuku, it told me it's Dokomo Yoyogi tower) 

By the time I finally reached Shinjuku Station, there was another problem. I couldn't find my way out. Not only there are dozens of platforms with no exit in sight ( just hoard of passengers going at different directions) when I finally saw a gate, it didn't let me out saying fair wasn't sufficient (The ticket read Nippori to Shinjuku though) and not telling me how to refill the difference. Well I walked to the counter in panic mode and as soon as the guy heard English, he took the ticket ans just gestured "Just go".  (I soon got a prepaid IC card so such thing didn't happen again).
I didn't remember exactly what I did, I crossed the street and saw Takashimaya...So time to drop some money? I saw a Tokyu Hands and it seems to have stuff I like! 
Country and Stream lip balm and gloss (I saw red one from Ainz Tulpe later)
Honey Hand cream
Furupure cream
A section just for hard to find sunscreen! (Many are sensitive skin friendly)
Beauty mine lip gloss - We have that in Manhattan Chinatown but I really like this. 
Time secret powder (
Cezanne makeup - See how most of their lipstick got cleared out?  They are really good formula (shades are kind of boring) 
Scalp D Lash serum and insanely expensive revitalash with floral packaging.
Flowfushi (that seems to be in the middle of rebranding into Unframe) lip essence that you can layer with lip color. Speaking of which, I shall review the two lip essence I have before their March rebranding. It might launch in New York since they are doing some campaigns in subway stations. 

I didn't take pictures but there are bunch of other really niche brands like Etvos, Only Mineral, Natural Glace and stuff I don't remember...It would be really suspicious if I took pictures of everything I saw. 
Inside Takashimaya there is a mini counter for Takeda brushes. They a tiny bit more expensive than Hakuhodo and Chikuhodo but the quality does match up. A Canadian squirrel eye brush is around 5000-6000yens (similar to pricing of Surratt) but the hair use is significantly silkier that I had to get one (or two) for science. 

 The nice ladies gave me a Hello Kitty card (10% off for tourist at Takashimaya) and told me there was a tax free (rebate) counter at 11th Floor. After all the line and wait I definitely felt that all the wait for 8 bucks was a waste of 25 minutes of my time(if you buy other luxury skincare it might be worth it).
Day one was uneventful (but I got my toys) so I took the JR train and headed back Ueno. Yoshizawa Ryo (this dude) must be really popular since he is everywhere (here he is modelling for full body hair removal). 
Instead of making another transfer to Asakusa (and potentially get lost again) I just started walking toward the Sky Tree...At least I got my work out hoarding all the discount fabrics and drugstore toys (I only got some Cezanne and sunscreen). 

More travel lot coming!


  1. Man, Shinjuku is so notoriously difficult to navigate even hubby's Japanese colleagues got lost there many times LOL

    Oh oh oh I just saw the sunscreen I've been looking for but couldn't find on Rakuten!!!!

    1. A few days later I stopped by Shinjuku again and my travel buddy got stuck by the gate(it wouldnt let her out even ticket says shinjuku) . How can a station be more confusing than all Manhattan bus/train stations combined...

      Which sunscreen? I bought the ishizawa lab 365 shigaisen yohou after swatching and liked them a lot...I hope it works because it's so hard to find an effective everyday sunscreen for my skin type. I am using apieu at the moment and the cosmetic elegance made me suspicious. I mean etude house was less so (but still feels very nice) and during summer it was utterly useless for me. Feel like Japanese one should work better since the actually have stronger sun and a over competitive market.

    2. The Isehan Kiss Me Mommy UV Natural Gel Sunscreen (the bottle is labeled with a huge word "FOOD" but it's not in the name at all!). Kiss Me just discontinued it I think so all the Rakuten shops pulled it and now it's on Ebay for $38. URGH.

  2. Maybe it means they are releasing new version right before summer hit?


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