Thursday, February 14, 2019

Brand Spotlight - Whomee by Igari

Since it's Valentines Day, let see something
cute and pink.  

Whomee is a drugstore brand that debuted spring 2018. It has been quite popular as it was produced by Igari Shinobu, a makeup artist that frequently work with magazines spreads and popularized all the unusual blush placements. 

So far, the line is only available at specialty stores and it leans towards "boring makeup" with base makeup like foundation, cheek color(blush is consider base in Japan) and eyebrow. 
Oil essence, primer, blush stick (that won some awards last year)
Brow powder, brow mascara and brow brush that's made of firm but somewhat fluffy goat hair. I was quite intrigued by the feel so I got it just to play with. Their brushes are all made in Kumano so the quality is quite good when the price is reasonable. 
Lipstick, setting spray lip balm, foundation and lip brush.
Concealer, powder and highlighter. The matte lip crayon are popular but I forgot to take picture. 
Overall, I am quite interested in the brand and I look forward to see their spring release (out March 22nd) including some eyeshadow palettes and these two pony eyeshadow brushes. I could always use another eyeshadow brush and it's time for me to get a smudge brush!


  1. Neat! Been seeing this brand all over Insta and had thought it was another Korean invasion ^.^

    1. Hahahaha Korean invasion...To think of it, the packaging is indeed kind of 3ce or Kaja beauty but less gimmicky. For some strange reason I always assumed Time Secret (because it sounds like some missha serum) was a Korean brand and I was wondering why my favorite Chinese bloggers (who uses mostly highend Japanese base makeup) would use time secret base...


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