Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Jill Stuart Mix Blush Compact N in Tulip Field

Another long overdue review for an ancient artifact. I bought the Jill Stuart Blush around 2015, as a past-season sale item. The brand releases limited edition packaging at least twice a and this particular design was from Spring of 2014. 
 The limited edition reminds me of picnic around the flowers field. 
Box also matching tulip prints. 
A little downside about the limited print is that you can't see the intricate "crystal" detail...Well, it's ok since I have one from regular collection anyway. 

I held onto buying Jill Stuart for a while afraid that they will look too light and plasticky. After some small purchases the designers (not Jill herself, I mean the people who design the compacts) proved me wrong. Most of the compact are rather sturdy and the metallic coating on those light plastic are tough. I never babysit them and they never chip, crap or get scratched. 
One of the main feature of the Mix Blush Compact is this incredibly nice goat hair brush, not only the brush is nicely shaped. This particular one is also made of uncut, naturally tapered hair  (the newer one I saw from their showroom probably use cut hair). 
Tulip Fields is made of  bright (cooler, kind of limey) yellow, apricot, bright coral red and blue pink. While all look matte but with very subtle, tiny shimmer particles. I think there was a scent but it faded significantly after three years. 

The formula seems a little chalky as there is some fallout when I pick it up with the brush, but the chalk doesn't look cakey on my face and the white cast made this bright blush less intimidating. 

The effect of mixing all for together is a juicy warm reddish peach, a very unique shade in my stash. Lasting power is quite good as it stayed vibrant 6-7 hours after application. I realized I overdid the blush again when I went to the restroom and saw my clown cheeks. 
The blush isn't that special but I like the color and the whole experience of using it. 


  1. I got a Jill Stuart powder in Hong Kong and I love it! It's a little dark for my skin in the winter time though o_O def wanna try more of their stuff

    1. Japanese powder does run a bit on the natural (not as pale) side but on the bright side it lasts well after oil and sweat! Jill Stuart powder eyeshadow are pretty good but you can get them more affordable from US (official site). Their lippie are good but if you go to Hong Kong Kanebo brands lippie are better Bang for the bucks.


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