Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Fresh Tinted Lip Treatment in Sugar Punch

Admittedly, Fresh Sugar Tinted lip Treatment is just an overpriced lip balm . one with wobbly stick and soft texture that melts during summer. It slowly became my winter essential as it is the only stick balm (along with high end Kanebo lipsticks) that's truly moisturizing and winter proof. I keep an eye on seasonal sets and new shades released each season since I routinely finish the minis and I could always have one around. 
When I saw the new (for 2018) shade Punch, I ordered it hoping it would be a slightly clearer version of Coral (which ended up a little too red and too cool on me). When I got it, it turns out exactly the way I want: Pigmented but clear, brightening and doesn't leave any stain behind. 
Sugar Coral, Sugar Punch and Physicians Formula liquid eyeliner (to focus the image) It looks rather warm here so it should be perfect for my purple red mouth.
How my lips are during winter, dry, peeling and bloody. 
Sugar Punch (This is actually 20 minutes after application) The color just makes me look undead...Beside Sugar Rose, this is my second favorite of the line. 

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