Sunday, February 10, 2019

Fabrics Shopping in Tokyo - Nippori Textile Street

Now that I am almost done with makeup spy pictures from Tokyo (just a handful left from Tokyu Hands), it's time to post the travel snaps! Being a lover of Japanese fabrics and prints (I like the clothes too but the decent quality ones are too expensive compared to US prices), I heard that there is a fabrics street and not too far away from my hostel, I headed there the morning after my arrival. 

"If I can walk from Ueno to Asakusa without getting lost, Asakusa to Nippori shouldn't be a problem."  That's what I thought and I was so wrong.  It turns out that I cannot follow map unless it's in grid (I blame it on New York) and the 35 mins walk took much longer. On the bright side, it was perfect weather for people-watching and I managed to take some glamour shots of some drugstore goodies with momiji backdrop. 
This is Esprique select eye color from their holiday 2018 collection.
And I stalked some couple for a bit
Roses were still in season there and I saw many houses with camellia 
In front of a store 
The street was quaint but during my first visit (on a Saturday), it was more packed. 
This store Mihama sells precut fabrics by two meters. This seemed a bit juvenile back then but now I regret not picking it up...It will be perfect as lounge wear and pajama. (non-buyers regret again).
Little chiba inu. On the bright side, when I went back a week later (during weekday), all the summery prints were further discounted that I got some pretty floral Hawaiian prints. 
The signs on the street
Leather finding store
Happy fabrics store with the Happy owner. Why didn't I walk in (well duh I was overwhelmed), that kelly green fabrics is totally my thing. 
Random pouches
There is a Janome (the maker of my sewing machine)store...Didn't look because I can't hoard another machine home. And guess how I end up with a Janome machine?
I was watching this drama (Love that Makes You Cry) and saw this very effective product placement. 
Even there are a bunch of smaller individual stores on the street the selection seems like it's aiming at very grown up customers (housewives 40 and beyond) as the styles are really mature or juvenile (for their kids or grandkids). 
Sewing theme stud earrings
Paper pattern 
Tomato is one of the biggest stores (there are several store fronts each selling different varieties) I haven't figured them out exactly but I bought something on the sale floor. 
This is one of the Tomato buildings. First Floor is for discount fabrics and a cart of fusible interfacing.
As with most other fabrics stores (I have only been to two in New York) you grab a roll and ask the staff to cut a certain length for you (something my kindergarten level Japanese  totally got it covered). There are also some vertical roller cart for fabrics hoarders...I mean I do hoard but I was very mindful of the size of my luggage.
Canvas for little bags and stuff
Geometric and other prints
Animal prints - Normally I am crazy for this but seeing so many I quickly became numb.
Sale bin.  I totally should have gotten this lipstick one (heavily "influenced" by Jill Stuart cosmetics) for pajamas.
By the stairway there is their pattern. This one is too granny but I would wear it if it's made of cotton-linen solids. But then again there is that huge slit in the center... Floor 2 and 3 are stuff I didn't care so all the way up I went! Fourth is all cotton prints!
Designer fabrics by Sou Sou. Too expensive for me. Maybe I will splurge if I go back...2-3 yard for summer dress is still cheaper than actual designer dresses.
Nani Iro polka dots
I am way too old for this (heck my niece is too old for this baby fabrics) but I secretly want a pajama in this cow print.
Hello kitty and my melody 
Cotton poplin by Kobayashi and the price is half compared to US! I got 2 meters of the strawberry and hopefully can make something before summer. I can't sew anything but a straight line but just you wait, just you wait...


  1. Wow the fabrics all look so tempting, only I can't sew a darn thing ^.^ This, coming from a tailor's daughter LOL

    1. well if you decide to start you know you got the gene for it...Both of grandmas sew (like most women from their age) but my mom just hoarded fabrics from Japan and hire tailor in China to do the deeds...Human labor are cheap in China anyway. It seems that in US they make fabrics extra expensive (yarn too!),making crafting a rich white womens hobby...

      A yard of pretty generic low quality Chinese cotton woven or knit is around 15 bucks here and to make a low quality shirt I might as well buy two from uniqlo...

    2. I wonder why fabric is so expensive here?

    3. Maybe they are taxed differently to support clothing lines? I noticed the similar quality clothes is a bit cheaper in US than in China/Japan. And even with brands like muji the mark up for clothing is much lower than markup on everything else.


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