Friday, February 22, 2019

Canmake Perfect Stylist Eyes in Twilight Beach

One of my beauty related resolution is to (try to, yes the attempt counts) wear sunscreen every single day after slacking off a lot late last year (it was too damn humid and my sunscreen gets icky) and wear eyeshadow everyday. While the two seem unrelated, it's actually the same thing: Since it's too icky rubbing sunscreen on my lids (where sunspots/age spots are making their appearance), it's easier to cover them with eyeshadow instead. Not to mention I need to show my palettes some love too. 

In the morning when I am in a hurry (or during weekend when I don't want to think), I often grab one of my drugstore palettes as I can tell which shade it is right away. Even without the convenience factor, Japanese drugstore eyeshadow are getting so good that you can get refined texture and interesting color story for less than 10 bucks. 
Perfect Stylist Eyes 15 Twilight Beach was one of the two shades from Canmake summer 2017. At the time coral orange was still a big hit that I wanted the palette right away. 
Double Sunshine and Twilight Beach ( gotta love their cute naming too!)
From Top left going clockwise

A peach beige base, royal blue with sheen,
satin matte orange coral that's not flat, warm (but not too yellow or red) brown.  Center is a clear sparkling top wash. 

While the blue and brown look sheer and thin, they layer well on top of the orange. A light and dry formula means they don't melt into other shades and turn muddy. 
I really like the main lid shade, it's fairly opaque and clearly warm coral (unlike other sheer glossy orange)  but at the same time isn't too loud or dramatic. It's a fun palette that you can wear for work (use the brown as liner) and play. 
The blue under liner was just for fun (I wanted to see how blue it actually gets wiped if off when I went outside). The royal blue turns indigo when layered on top of the coral, making it much more wearable. 


  1. I'm really into coral and royal blue too lately! Too bad my palettes don't get as much love as yours do :(

  2. You will find time when baby eno goes to public school!

    I have still a bunch of suqqu and lunasol palettes I never touch. I need to work on those.

  3. so pretty in the pan and on your lids!

    I've bought a few Canmake eye palettes and Cezanne blushes based on your reccs; loving them all unequivocally :)

    xx gemminha

    1. I have never tried any cezanne blush yet but they make amazing eyeshadow. I got three of the tone up eyeshadow (two of them look like suqqu Benikakesora and Yosaizora) they get lots of love from me...Japanese palettes are so much fun even with the super budget brands!

  4. The Revlon Candid foundation is so bad, I think you briefly blogged about it in one of your drugstore sightings posts. I bought it because the reviews looked good and it looked like a good dupe of that IT Cosmetics CC cream. It's so matte, thick n pasty, and hard to blend. Even worse the shade range is so bad, not one of them is yellow undertone. They all pink or grey. I find it hard to believe Gal Gadot or any of the celeb spokepersons uses Revlon base products. They are just collecting their Revlon cheque n using other high end products. Now that I have tried so many high end foundations (from Lancome to Dior to Hourglass etc) Revlon foundations, including Revlon Colorstay are really "outdated" formulas- matte, thick n cakey and bad shade range. That why no one buys them anymore unless they on a budget. I did see their new eyeshadow palette which looks good, I'll probably buy it when it comes out, but Revlon base products just no.

    1. Revlon powder eyeshadow had always been bad (even back when they made amazing lippies) but I dont know if they improved or not. I try to stay away from the brand even they got out of the Love is On campaign (use revlon and get laid) into something else lame...I feel like the whole American drugstore isnt bother trying any more.


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