Monday, February 18, 2019

2019 Drugstore Makeup from Walgreens, CVS and Harmon

Some collective pictures from the last few weeks. The beginning of the month was super cold but at least it's less depressing now the days are slightly longer.
Bryant Park freezing over. Now that most trees are bald and no snow that lasts for days (for me to take glamour shots, I absolutely have to take them before dipping in) I have been going to Bryant Park for photo section. At least there are lots of flat surface and people leave me alone. 
Inside Rickys NYC (beauty supply store with lots of salon brand hair care and bolder color makeup) there is a big display of J Cats makeup. I found more unique shades of their prismetal eyeshadow that looks well edited and not garish. OK they are kind of like Colourpop (but less repetitive) and you don't have to spend 30 to get free shipping. 
Kinokuniya raised their price for the magazines (most are 17-18 now with the freebie)...not worth it anymore. Unless you get a large travel bag. 
I still like looking at the sewing pattern though.
Hello Kitty bag. OK for 1800 yens but it's 30 bucks after markup (it sold out pretty fast though).
And Rosy as a good makeup case but too pricey. 
Not that new. Soap and Glory cream cleanser. I grabbed it since I go through them quickly.
Sleek cosmetics finally came to US (years after its peak popularity so I wonder why bother) The rest are just base makeup. The once popular powder blush aren't here either.
From Harmon - Sally Hansen Jelly Belly Collection
Mega Strength
Glam Rock 
Rimmel Shimmer eyeliner
I like these shades better and I might pick up Dark green and orange if I get a mail coupon.
lip liner
Not really new - Milani hypnotic lights eye topper
Hypnotic lights lip topper
Since Trader Joe is on the same block, I stopped by for snacks. Do not get this dried mango as it taste like shoe leather (learn from my mistake).
This is the one. Initially the Chinese girl there grabbed the last two bags but hesitated. I dived in as soon as she put them back on the shelf... She should know that there is a reason there were only two bags left.
Another must have is the French made macarons. I can finish a box in one sitting, although I need to stop as it gives me toothache.
Revlon now sells jade (looks like ugly serpentine not the jade-jade though) roller. It's funny seeing this Chinese flea market good being part of "ancient beauty ritual" now. I remember getting one for 10 yuan (1.3 dollars?) back in 2006 but didn't bother to bring it back...That one was actually made of some low grade jadeite.
CVS has a new beauty line called Joah. Matte liquid and gel lipsticks.
Satin liquid lipstick
Lip and eyeliner
Concealer - why are all shade the same pale yellow?
Primer and powder with dropper foundation at the bottom
New skincare from garnier
I am interested in the facial Sugar scrub and milk cleanser
Physicians formula eyeshadow and lipsticks
Muji has a bunch of new releases. I like the last two generations of their easy gathered skirt (perfect for play and OK for work) but this year it became a pleated A line skirt (2017-2018 version was almost a full circle skirt that's really flattering).
Cotton double gauze shirt dress they sized XS and S together which means it's too baggy to use as work clothes (and a bit pricey if I just wear it at home). 
I normally love Muji's bottom as they are the perfect fit and length (full or cropped) for me when I go for XS...But why do they have to add the safety belt? (I saved 59 bucks on the bright side).
Lastly, some food from few weeks ago. This was from Koku Ramen (fusion Asian ramen place in Ktown)...It was so greasy I couldn't finish half of the plate. My favorite part was the bottled soda...
Friends ramen was totally not authentic (aka I could do better with premade packet from grocery stores) and I took a piece of her chicken 
Lastly, Pho Bang Redemption! I missed the plum Soda OK?
Pretty sky from last week!


  1. I bought the full size Drunk Elephant C Firma serum on Sunday. $122 AUD. Been using it for couple of days. I'm already seeing some results although nothing major. Face looks more brighter and less red. Too early too say but my pigmentation looks like it's kinda shifting around like it's doing something. My fine lines on my cheeks look a bit more plump but that could be the thick creams I use. It's really sticky n tacky but I don't really mind because I put my creams on afterwards. I would definitely buy again and incorporate it in my skincare routine. $122 AUD is expensive but that's the price I pay for my Skechers shoes. Yeah I know that's crazy- are Skechers popular in America? They are very popular down here everyone wears Skechers at my work. I only wear it because there is one style that fits me well. I also do really like the Lala Retro cream, it's overpriced but it's a really nice cream for dry skin, it's like the Tatcha Indigo cream.

    1. Sketcher were really popular a few years back but not so much with other athleisure brands around. I never tried skinceutical when drunk elephant works so well but maybe I will if I am done with all my vitamin c and they have a good sale.

  2. Lancome has a new vitamin C serum out as well...15% vitamin V. I'm curious because Loreal owns both Lancome and Skinceuticals...

  3. I also bought the Drunk Elephant B Hydra Intensive serum to mix with the vitamin c serum to make it less sticky. It's overpriced for what it is. MAC also make a similar type of serum at a cheaper price. Have you ever tried The Ordinary vitamin c serums before? A lot of people rave about them too.

    1. I tried the the ordinary ascorbyl tetraisopalmatate but didnt see that big of a result, most of TO stuff I tried are just feels nice on the skin and that was it...

  4. I've got another question about the Drunk Elephant C Firma serum. Can I use my Olay serum which contains nianicimide first, then apply Drunk Elephant C Firma serum after? I have read you're not supposed to use it together in same routine but I have so many serum now and not enough days of the week to use it up lolz!

    1. I heard the same thing as well (how it causes flushing. When I use the dennis gross gel that contains both, it does make my face really red but I am not sure if it were caused by the two). For me I just use C firma for night and niacinamide for day or using vitamin C as soon as I get home and cleanse the sunscreen off, then cream with niacinamide before going to sleep.

  5. Update: For the past 3 days, I used Olay Miracle Boost serum then waited 5 minutes then applied Drunk Elephant C Firma serum. My face hated it. It tingled and got slightly flushed n irritated. Wasn't bad or anything but it's better to keep them seperate. It's like 1 week of improvement was all screwed up by combining nianicimide with vitamin C. So today i tried using Olay serum in morning under my makeup n sunscreen. It didn't work too, my face got all dried up and my makeup caked all off midday. So I'm going to use all my active serums at night and keep everything simple during the day. So now what I'm doing planning to do is use Drunk Elephant C Firma serum for 4 days. Then remaining 3 I will use Olay nianicimide serum along with my Lancome Advanced Genifique and Visionaire serum. I have like lolz 100ml worth of samples of Lancome serums and they are actually really good, they actually work. I also have a Clinique Turnaround serum which I will use on alternative days. I like the Drunk Elephant C Firma serum (I also mix it with the B Hydra serum to make it less sticky), despite the hefty cost I plan to use it as part of my routine. If my financial situation improves lolz I might try the Skinceuticals one. The new Lancome vitamin C serum doesn't contain Ferulic acid so I don't think it'll be as potent as DE.

    1. I recently ruined days of skincare hardwork (not really) by using new sunscreen! Basically I was fine with the old packaging of apieu pure block and got one in new packaging...After one day I got 7-8 tiny red bumps. It turns out that the "pure block natural sun cream" has chemical filter sheeze. It was my fault assuming but why name something natural when the ingredient can breach coral reef!


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