Thursday, January 31, 2019

Wet n Wild Eyes that Shimmers and Slay

I did a little drugstore run today and surprisingly (given how boring drugstores makeup are nowadays) I found some interesting new release. 
The Wet n Wild shelve is half empty, possibl to get ready for new products. On the side, there is a separate display for newer makeup.
Liquid Catsuit eyeshadow.  I am liking the lime green but the glitter seems chunky.
I am liking that mauve with a sheen. Red and copper  are cool as well but I am not sure if they are wearable for every day. At first I thought the skin beige are primer, it turns out those are matt shadow.
High shine liquid lip color
Their eyeshadow got a new package (it has been a while already). I might get one when they go on 40% off.


  1. I bought the Olay Whipped Creams in all 3 flavours- Regenerist, Luminous and Total Effects. I like Regenerist and Total Effects, the Luminous has too much fragrance. It finally came out in Australia. Packaging is really cute. It's basically silicone and nianicimide in a jar. It's not bad actually. Because of the high amounts of silicone it doesn't feel greasy at all, face stays matte for hours. The whipped line i personally feel is a "fast food instant noodle quick fix" face cream. Contains a whole lot of junk (silicone), does the job quick (fast absorbing) and has some benefits (Nice texture, niacinamide) If it weren't for Olay signature ingredient niacinamide I wouldn't even bother. I will probably use it when I'm tired and have no time to do proper skincare routine. I'm not going to use it alone by itself as a moisturiser but I'm experimenting to mix into my other better quality creams to make a more fluffy texture.

  2. Olay is really expensive here in Australia, like $50 for the Regenerist lines. But lucky it's always on sale and so I buy it when it's half price. Lolz I don't think anyone here pays full price for Olay.

  3. I didn't like the olay stuff I bought in US but back in the days I like their stuff sold in Hong Kong, really basic UV lotion with white pearl that evens skintone a little. I shall check what they have next time I visit!


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